Environmental Policy

Bravissimo aims to reduce our impact on the environment as much as we can. However we recognise that we are a retailer with customer service at its heart, and as such, operating with retail stores, and a mail order business means its not always easy to be as "green" as we would like.

We've made sure that all our employees understand that we'd like to be "greener" and are encouraging everyone to try to do the following:

  • Be aware of how they use resources in their day to day work and actively looks for ways to reduce the energy or materials, for example, that they use – this might be as simple as ensuring that our tills, PCs and monitors are switched off overnight or that we don't print off paper copies of all our documents.
  • Consider new ways to deliver our products and services to customers which reduce environmental impact but maintain the high levels of service which our customers have come to expect from us. For example we don't overwrap our mail order packages to customers with unnecessary plastic - and where an order contains multiple items we'll remove some of the packaging around each item so that our customers don't have to recycle this at home.

We're setting up dedicated staff project groups to ensure we keep a focus on the above areas.

We know we're not perfect, but we are doing everything we think we reasonably can to reduce our impact on natural resources.