Ethical Trading

As a retailer selling lingerie, nightwear, swimwear and clothing, many of our garments are manufactured overseas, often in countries and communities in the developing world. Whilst we respect the different cultural perspectives in the countries where our products are produced, and take into account their different levels of development, we believe that there are certain standards that factories and working environments should meet. Our aim is to ensure that the factories and businesses manufacturing products for Bravissimo are working to what we believe to be minimum acceptable standards and that these standards should be exceeded where possible. These standards are based on the Ethical Trading Initiative's Base Code.

Ensuring our suppliers comply with the code

At present Bravissimo does not work directly with overseas factories. We buy from suppliers (predominantly in the UK) who in turn may buy from other suppliers - who may themselves buy from other suppliers! As you can imagine it's not possible to try to control the working conditions of everyone in this long chain who might be involved in some way in producing Bravissimo products.

As such we require that our suppliers each make an assurance and commitment to us that they are working to the standards we require. More specifically, on an annual basis we require each of our suppliers to submit a full social audit report, or equivalent certification, for each of the factories they use - in addition they must supply Bravissimo with a Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) certificate. We also agree with our suppliers before trading with them, that we reserve the right to visit and audit any workplace involved in producing our products ourselves.

We make it clear to everyone we work with that compliance with the code is an essential part of working with Bravissimo. Where issues come to our attention we expect our suppliers to deal with these quickly and effectively and if we are not completely satisfied ultimately we may cease trading with that supplier

We feel confident that by working in collaboration with our suppliers in this way we are doing everything we can to ensure minimum standards are at least met and where possible are exceeded.