Cookie Policy

As with most websites our site uses many different types of cookies – some of which are "dropped" by Bravissimo and some of which are dropped by third parties. Whilst we are aware of the different groups of cookies on our site, and of who (aside from ourselves) is dropping these cookies it might sometimes be difficult to list each individual cookie by name without completing a full site audit. In order to ensure our use of cookies remains clear and detailed we will commit to the following:

  • We will endeavour to update our list of cookies as and when we are aware that new cookies are being dropped on our site – either by ourselves or third parties.
  • We will make any third parties we work with aware of the need to supply us with detailed information about the cookies they intend to drop in a timely manner so that they can be added to the "Cookies on our site" list before they are live on our site.
  • We will complete a full site audit no less frequently than every 12 months and publish a revised list of cookies on our website.

We are bringing you this extra information about cookies as part of the requirements of the UK's Privacy and Electronics Communications Directive. We will continue to review the directive and its requirements to ensure that we are offering our customers the appropriate level of information and advice in this area and this may include future development of further options on our website.