Dressing for your body shape - Balanced

If your body shape is Balanced your hips tend to be in line with your shoulders and you usually have a well-defined waist.
Here the Pepperberry team explain why they chose this style for Rachel:
"Our Classic Shift Dress is perfect for highlighting Rachel’s Balanced body shape and accentuating her well-defined waist. Rachel’s shape suits most styles but we did find that some styles with fuller skirts and tops and dresses with empire lines were sometimes a bit loose on her waist and hips.

We think Rachel looks fantastic in this fitted dress – it really shows off her Balanced shape!"
Name: Rachel Age: 31
Occupation: Marketing Analyst
Pepperberry dress size: 12 Really Curvy
Rachel wears: Classic Shift Dress

Following her body shape makeover,
here's what Rachel had to say:

"People don’t necessarily know what sort of styles will suit them. I think everyone could benefit from getting a feel for which dresses really show off their shape. This dress is gorgeous!"

Top tips for styling a
Balanced body shape

Fitted styles with waist detail are great go-to styles for you. Try our Ribbon Waist Dress.
Most skirt shapes will look great on you but figure-hugging pencil styles will really accentuate your shape. Try our Pleated Pencil Skirt.
50s style dresses that go in and out and wrap front styles will really show off your waist. However, smock tops and dresses and box jackets may not be the best styles for you as they will hide your well-defined waist. Try our Cross Front Jersey Dress.
Tailored shirts and jackets will show off your shape. Try our Classic Shirt.
Belts can be used to cinch in and emphasise your well-defined waist. Try our Leather Cutwork Belt.
If you have bigger boobs and are Balanced you may find that A-line dresses and skirts and boot-cut trousers help to create a perfect balance between your top and bottom halves. Try our Bootcut Jeans.

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Pencil styles accentuate your shape
Some recommended styles from our Autumn collection for Balanced body shapes
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This is only a guide to the styles that may fit and flatter your body shape more than others. Everyone has their own wardrobe personality and ultimately you should wear whatever you think makes you look and feel fabulous!