Dressing for your body shape - Shaped

If your body shape is Shaped your hips tend to be wider than your shoulders and you usually have a well-defined waist, with fuller hips and thighs.
Here the Pepperberry team explain why they chose this style for Rachel:
"We chose the Twill Dress for Rachel as it really compliments her Shaped body shape by highlighting her well-defined waist and skimming over her hips and thighs. We explained to Rachel how pencil and shift style dresses which are snugger on the hips and thighs are much less flattering for her shape.

In this dress you definitely can’t tell Rachel is Shaped, it balances her top and bottom halves perfectly – she looks fabulous!"
Name: Rachel Age: 31
Occupation: Copywriter
Pepperberry dress size: 12 Really Curvy
Rachel wears: Twill Dress

Following her body shape makeover,
here's what Rachel had to say:

"This isn’t something I would have gone for but now that it’s on I think it’s absolutely beautiful. The flared skirt isn’t something I would normally have thought to try but that was before I knew I was Shaped and before I had Pepperberry’s advice. The team at Pepperberry really can give some good advice. I love it!"

Top tips for styling a
Shaped body shape

A-line skirts, prom-shaped dresses and tailored coats with full skirts will show off your waist and skim over your hips and thighs. Try our Full Skirt Trench Coat.
Statement necklaces and neckline details will draw attention to your smaller top half. Try our Flower Bib Necklace.
Dark boot-cut jeans will elongate your legs and balance out your hips and thighs. Try our Bootcut Jeans.
You might find styles that are fitted on the hips don’t fit in your usual size – you may need to go up a size in these styles to accommodate your hips and thighs, bearing in mind the garment may then be less fitted on your waist. If you want a fitted look, opt for jersey styles which will give a better all-over fit than woven styles. Try our Cross Front Jersey Dress.
If you have bigger boobs and are Shaped your top half will naturally help to balance your bottom half but if you feel you need help achieving a more balanced look, tops and jackets with features at the neckline will help. Try our Cable Knit Coatigan.

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A-line dresses highlight your waist
Some recommended styles from our Autumn collection for Shaped body shapes
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This is only a guide to the styles that may fit and flatter your body shape more than others. Everyone has their own wardrobe personality and ultimately you should wear whatever you think makes you look and feel fabulous!