Dressing for your body shape - Straight

If your body shape is Straight you tend to have narrower hips and slimmer legs, with a wider waist.
Here the Pepperberry team explain why they chose this style for Tamsin:
"We chose the Printed Cotton Sateen Dress for Tamsin because the empire line really emphasises her narrowest point under her bust; dresses with pencil style skirts like this one show off her slim hips and great legs! We showed Tamsin how dresses with fuller skirts can swamp her Straight body shape and hide her best features.

This dress disguises Tamsin’s Straight shape by giving the illusion of a waist, we think she looks gorgeous!"
Name: Tamsin Age: 34
Occupation: IT Project Management
Pepperberry dress size: 12 Really Curvy
Tamsin wears: Printed Cotton Sateen Dress

Following her body shape makeover,
here's what Tamsin had to say:

"This dress isn’t a style I’d normally have chosen but having seen what it looks like on I’d totally wear it again! I thought I knew what shape I was and thought I knew what suited me but having had suggestions from the Pepperberry team I definitely had a lot to learn. I really, really love this dress and feel really comfortable in it"

Top tips for styling a
Straight body shape

Empire line tops and dresses emphasise your narrowest part just under your bust. Try our Ethnic Border Print Dress.
Dresses with fitted pencil style skirts will show off your legs and accentuate your slimmer hips. Try our The Sweetheart Neck Workwear Dress.
Wrap style tops and dresses will create the illusion of a waist that goes in and out more than it actually does. Try our Berry Print Jersey Dress.
You may find that more voluminous skirts and dresses swamp your shape, so might want to stick to more streamlined styles. Try our Pleated Pencil Skirt.
Layers will break up and soften your top half and hide a thicker waist if you feel you need to. Try our Faux Sheepskin Gilet.
Skinny-fit trousers or leggings with a longer line top will give you a well balanced look. Try our Frill Neck Chiffon Tunic.
Waist belts or defined waist detailing tend to emphasise how straight your body is - if you want to look more curvy, empire line details will work better. Try our Ruffle Trim Jersey Top.
If you have bigger boobs and a Straight body shape, your boobs will help to give you curves which you can make the most of by enhancing your cleavage with plunging necklines. Try our Bow Front Jumper.

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Empire lines compliment your figure
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This is only a guide to the styles that may fit and flatter your body shape more than others. Everyone has their own wardrobe personality and ultimately you should wear whatever you think makes you look and feel fabulous!