Ten tips for bigger boobs

  • If you don’t want to make your boobs appear bigger, keep it simple! Over fussy detail around the bust area can make your boobs look bigger
  • Avoid sleeves that fall in line with your boobs if you don’t want to draw attention to your bust area or risk looking wider than you actually are. Cap, three-quarter or full length sleeves are usually more flattering
  • Buttons above the bust line can make your boobs look bigger
  • Loose styles hanging from the boobs can make you look bigger in the body than you are, fitted styles are often more flattering for those of us with bigger boobs
  • High neck tops and polo necks can make women with bigger boobs look matronly
  • V-necks break up the chest area and help to ensure your bust doesn't appear larger than it actually is
  • Horizontal stripes don’t have to make your boobs look bigger, opt for narrow stripes and break them up with a solid colour jacket or cardigan
  • If you want to distract from your boobs wear a bow or corsage at shoulder point. Chunky bangles can be used to detract attention from the bust area
  • Wrap styles look great if you have bigger boobs as they pull you in at the waist
  • Generally, light coloured tops and dark bottoms will emphasise your boobs, and darker tops and light bottoms will draw attention away from your bust

Remember, this is only a guide, we all have our own wardrobe personality and ultimately you should wear whatever you think makes you look and feel fabulous!