Find your size

Our clothes really are unique as they’re tailored to fit and flatter women with bigger boobs by going in and out in all the right places. If you’ve ever had the frustration of just wanting to buy the clothes you love in your normal size, but have to go up maybe two or three dress sizes just to avoid gaping buttons and pulling seams, then Pepperberry could be perfect for you!

We’ve made our clothes in standard high street sizes but with three different curvy options depending on how much extra room you need for your boobs. Choose from Curvy, Really Curvy or Super Curvy.*

Find your Pepperberry size in two simple steps...

Step 1

If you're buying a dress or jeans on the high street, what size would you buy to fit your waist?

Step 2

If you’re buying a top on the high street what size do you actually buy to fit over your boobs?

The Pepperberry size we suggest you try is...
Pepperberry clothing size chart
Pepperberry international clothing size chart

The styles in our range are made using a variety of fabrics which means they will all fit slightly differently over your boobs - some are more fitted, whereas others stretch and drape. However, all Pepperberry clothing is designed to allow extra room for your boobs, so you get a perfect fit and a fabulous shape everytime!

*Curvy, Really Curvy and Super Curvy are registered trademarks.