Your boobs should be sitting properly in the cups with the fullest part of your boobs sitting in the fullest part of the cup.
Step one

Put your arms through the straps, positioning your boobs in the cups and doing up the back of the band behind your back.

We'd recommend against fastening the bra up at your front then twisting it round, as this can bend and misshape the wires in the cup.

Step two

When you buy your bra it should fit closely on the loosest hook - so that in time, with wear and if the bra stretches you can fasten the bra onto the middle/last hook.

If you have been able to put the bra onto the middle/tightest hook straight away then that might indicate that the bra is too big in the back so we recommend that you try a smaller back size.

Step three

Lift your boobs into the cups or alternatively hold the wires underneath the cup, bend over and jiggle them from side to side to ensure your boobs are sitting in the right place.

It may sounds completely mad, but it does work!!

Step four

Remember to adjust the shoulder straps once your bra is on and after time you wash and wear the bra.

We recommend you do this to ensure you get the lift and shape that your boobs deserve!


  • Whether you’ve taken advice from one of our fully trained professional fitters or you’ve ordered your usual bra size, it's important that you feel your purchase is comfortable and supportive.
  • If once you’ve worn your bra, you feel it's too uncomfortable, or you are unhappy with it for any reason then we recommend you stop wearing it and contact us so we can provide you further bra fit advice or suggest an alternative style.

You can call our customer service team on 01926 459 859 or visit us for an in store bra fit.