Frequently asked questions... Bras for Pregnancy

There’s a lot to think about when you are pregnant – but finding the right bra shouldn’t be something to worry about. Just because you are pregnant it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to change the type or style of bra you are used to wearing – but you will need to know how to tell if your bra no longer fits you very well.
Can I continue to wear underwired bras during pregnancy?

You may have heard that you should wear a soft cup bra when you are pregnant. This isn’t necessarily the case – in fact it’s entirely your choice. It’s perfectly OK to continue to wear an underwired style as long as you ensure it fits you well. An underwired style will offer more support than a soft cup and you may prefer this. If you are used to an underwired style you might also prefer the shape it offers. However, if an underwired style begins to fit your boobs less well (as your boobs change in size and shape during pregnancy) the wires might rub or dig in to your boobs – that’s why it’s essential you continue to check the fit of your bra during pregnancy.

Although it will not offer the same level of support, a soft cup style can be a little more “forgiving” and will offer that little bit more “give” as your boobs grow. This might mean your bra will last a little longer before you need a new size. You may also find that you want to change to a soft cup style in the later stages of your pregnancy so that underwires don’t rub on your expanding baby bump!

If you have specific advice from your GP or midwife to avoid wearing underwires during pregnancy then of course you should follow medical advice or make sure you check why this advice has been given.

Should I buy a bra in a bigger size to allow for my boobs to get bigger?
No one can predict how and when your boobs might change during pregnancy, so the most important thing is that your bra fits you and supports you well for the size of your boobs as they are now, rather than leaving room for possible growth. As long as you check the fit of your bra regularly you should be able to spot the signs that your bra no longer fits you well and can consider buying a different size. We will talk you through how to do this before you leave our store or we can even take you through the steps over the phone. You can pop into store as often as you like and we’ll happily check the fit for you.
How can I tell if my bra still fits me well?

Whether you go for an underwired or a soft cup bra, you should remember that the size and shape of your boobs and your rib cage will almost certainly change during your pregnancy. No one can predict when and how this will happen but you can check if your bra still fits you correctly by following these 3 simple checks:

  • The band around your body should be firm but comfortable and should sit horizontally without riding up
  • Your boobs should be completely enclosed in the cups and you should have no bulging at the top or sides of the cups
  • If you are wearing an underwired style, the wires at the front should sit flat against your rib cage and not dig in, rub or poke out anywhere.
My bump is rubbing on my bra, how can I make sure I’m comfortable?
As your baby bump gets bigger, and if you are wearing underwires, you may feel them rubbing against your bump. You might want to consider a soft cup bra or a style with a thinner underband or higher front at this stage. Your Bravissimo fitter can talk this through and suggest some styles to see what’s most comfortable for you.
I’ve decided not to breastfeed - what will happen to my boobs once I have had my baby, and what bra should I wear?
Your milk will still come in so your boobs will at first become swollen and firm. After a few days of not feeding your body will realise and stop producing milk, and your boobs will gradually settle down. During this time your boobs might feel quite painful and uncomfortable, so you will probably want to wear a really supportive bra. Once you feel your boobs have settled down you can either pop into store (your baby will be very welcome and our fitting rooms are large enough for both of you!), or alternatively call one of our telephone fitters to get some advice about your post pregnancy size.
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Our stores also have extra large fitting rooms - in case you need to bring a pram in and all our waiting areas are breastfeeding friendly so you don’t need to rush off to feed.