Letter to expectant mums

Dear Self, “Your body is going to change dramatically and there is no way of predicting it. Make sure you check your size regularly and shop around - there’s more available than what you may think.” “Don’t buy too many bras in one size, you’ll change constantly so get good advice from a specialist shop like Bravissimo.” “Don’t worry about wearing normal bras during pregnancy - just make sure they’re fitted correctly.” “When your milk comes in, and you choose to breastfeed, you will need nursing bras so make sure you’ve got a couple that are comfortable, well-fitting and supportive. You’ll have to guess your size - there’s just no way of knowing how your body will change.” “Don’t be afraid to ask for advice - there are some ‘discreet’ options available so you don’t have to feel embarrassed breast feeding in public.” ”There’s more available than black, white or nude bras so look around for one you like and feel comfortable in and then don’t worry if it costs a bit more - it’s worth it!”

In recent research we carried out, we asked some new mums to write a letter to their past self at the very beginning of their pregnancy, passing on all the information they learnt about their boobs and bras while pregnant/nursing.

Most said similar things, so we’ve put together this letter which compiles their thoughts and feelings and we hope this will to help put your mind at rest and ensure you make the right choices for you during and after your pregnancy.

What would you have written to your past self? We’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings, so why not share them with us? Email us at customer.services@bravissimo.com