Frequently asked questions... Nursing Bras

If you choose to breastfeed your baby, it’s important to make sure you choose a bra which can be a little bit more flexible around the changes your boobs will go through from hour to hour and from day to day. We’d always recommend a soft cup bra with drop down cups for this reason.
When should I get fitted for a nursing bra?

Ideally we’d like to fit you at the time when you actually need a nursing bra, but we realise you might have a lot on your plate!. We recommend you come in for a fitting as close to the end of your pregnancy as possible. Even then, getting fitted will be a “best guess” as no one can predict how much your boobs will grow once your milk production sets in and how much your body shape might change as your bump goes down. If we are fitting you towards the end of your pregnancy, we will leave a little room for your boobs to grow – perhaps 1 or 2 cup sizes - and for breast pads to fit in your bra – and then we’ll give you some advice about how to check your bra still fits well as time goes on.

What if I find the bra I’ve bought doesn’t fit correctly once I’ve had my baby?
Once you have had your baby you may find that the bra you have bought doesn’t fit very well – perhaps because your boobs have grown bigger than expected. As long as you haven’t worn the bra we are happy to exchange or refund it. We know that with a new born child it’s often hard to get up and dressed in the morning – let alone make it to the post office or into the shops. So give us a call and we can sort you out with a bra that does fit (we might even be able to get something sent to you the next day), we’ll also probably let you know that we can wait a bit longer for you to return the one that doesn’t fit. Our customer service team can be contacted on 01926 459 859.
Nursing Bras don’t give me the shape I like from my “normal” bras – why is this?
Nursing bras are all wire free. If we took the wires out of your “normal” bras you would find they would offer much less support to your boobs. One way to increase the support is to increase the coverage of the bra. The combination of no wires and greater coverage means that nursing bras are likely to give a different shape to what you are used to.
Can I wear an underwired bra when breastfeeding?
We don’t recommend you wear an underwired style if you are breastfeeding. Your boobs will fluctuate in size during the day, from full of milk just before you feed, and then to much smaller again whilst milk production begins. You need a bra that’s a bit more flexible to accommodate these changes in size and an underwired style won’t have the flexibility to do this. If the wires were to dig into your breast tissue at any point it might cause discomfort, damage your breast tissue and potentially increase your risk of conditions such as mastitis. A soft cup style avoids the potential for these issues and will allow more “give” as your boobs fluctuate in size.
How can I tell if I need to get re-fitted / need a different size?
When you are breastfeeding it’s likely that there will be times when your bra does not fit you very well – for example when you have just finished feeding and your boobs are at their smallest your bra may be too big. Once you have produced more milk, ready for the next feed, your boobs will grow in size again and it’s this size that we recommend you fit your bra to. When your boobs are at their biggest, your bra should still feel comfortable and supportive – but check it’s not digging in, feels too tight, or that your boobs are bulging out of the cups. Most of all make sure it’s comfortable – if in doubt pop into store for a fitting, or call one of our telephone fitters for advice on 01926 459 859
What happens when I stop breastfeeding?
When you stop feeding, your body will eventually realise that it is no longer required to produce milk and your boobs will settle in size – but it’s impossible to say how long this will take. It’s also impossible to predict whether your boobs will eventually return to their original size – for some women this happens quite quickly, other women may never return to their original size, settling instead at a size that may be larger or smaller than before. Likewise some women may carry some extra “baby weight” which they may or may not lose once they’ve had the baby – this too can affect your bra size and whether or not you are able to return to your pre-pregnancy size. Once you feel that your boobs have settled down you may want some fitting advice either in store or over the phone to establish your post breastfeeding size. Of course if you’ve visited us in store before we’ll have shown you how to check and work out the right fit for yourself - but if in doubt please talk to us.
Need some more advice? We'd love to help so please get in touch 01926 459 859 or email
All Bravissimo staff are trained to fit bras for pregnancy and nursing. Click here to view a full list of our stores
Our stores also have extra large fitting rooms - in case you need to bring a pram in and all our waiting areas are breastfeeding friendly so you don’t need to rush off to feed.