I've got 99 problems (but my big boobs aren't one!)

We are here to champion everything that is great about big-boobed women and we love hearing why you love your big boobs! We’re here to bust the myths that big boobs are a ‘problem’ and shout from the rooftops that big boobs are something to celebrate – they’re part of what makes you wonderful and unique. It’s time to debunk those myths about big boob 'problems' once and for all because with the right support, nothing is off limits for us Bravissimo girls!

Big Boob Myth #1

"Boobs are always the same shape and size"

Almost everyone has one boob bigger than the other, we like to think of boobs as sisters (not twins!). If you do have one boob bigger than the other, there’s so many styles that can help. We’d recommend fitting to the bigger boob and stretch lace bra styles can be a great option - like Bravissimo girl favourite, Millie bra – they mould to your shape so they work for lots of different women.


Big Boob Myth #2

"Big-boobed women need to wear two bras for support when exercising"

With the right support, big-boobed women can beat the bounce and go for it! Whether that’s running a marathon, being a dancer, rugby player or skydiver – we can achieve anything! We stock sports bras up to an L cup that provide big boobed women with the support they are looking for, so no activity is off limits. Exercising should not be a big boob ‘problem’.


Big Boob Myth #3

"Big-boobed women can’t wear bralettes"

Big-boobed women can wear non-wired bra styles like bralettes and still get the support and coverage that women blessed with big boobs look for – yes, really! We may be spending more time at home, but we often hear from our community that they don’t always want to go braless. A non-wired style won’t give you the same support as a wired style, but it does offer support, coverage and makes you feel secure. Tick, tick, tick! One of our Bravissimo girl favourites is the Zara bralette – a non-wired lacey bralette, and Nova Lounge bra a super soft lounge bra that gives great separation and has been designed with ultimate comfort in mind!



Big Boob Myth #4

"You can’t wear wired bras when you’re pregnant"

A maternity bra is any bra that you wear when you’re pregnant! You can wear wired bras throughout your pregnancy if they fit you well. Some women prefer to wear non-wired bras when they’re pregnant and some prefer to stick to underwired bras. To know if your bra is fitting you well, you want the wires to sit flat against your ribcage and not on your breast tissue, the back band should be horizontal across your back and your boobs are fully encased in the cups without any over spilling or gaping. Check out our maternity bra guide for some advice for mums-to-be!

Big Boob Myth #5

"Big-boobed women can’t wear strapless bras"

This is a common big-boobed myth and isn’t true! Most of the support from a bra comes from the back band and not the straps, so you can wear strapless bras as a big boobed woman and still have the support you want. We have so many strapless bras to choose from all the way up to L cup, so we hope you feel spoilt for choice! Strapless dresses? Definitely not a big boob ‘problem’!



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