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Debbie's Story

Debbie shared her story of coming to get fitted after having reconstructive surgery - we hope it is reassuring for other Bravissimo girls!






I’d been on the GB para archery team for 2 years, struggling from bra to bra, trying to find the shape and fit that would keep my 38 GGs out of the way of the bow string. Big boobs and professional archery don't really go together. I can’t even describe the positions I’d tried to shoot from in order to get what is technically called ‘chest clearance’. I’d even taken a selection of bras in to the bio technician, being filmed shooting in each one on high speed camera is an experience I’d sooner forget.

I’ve forgotten how much money I’ve spent on sports bras too, but earlier this year I paid for one more. It was an underwired Panache from the Bravissimo catalogue. When it arrived, I was in the middle of a selection shoot for the Rio Paralympics. You shouldn’t change anything during an important shoot but I was desperate. I wore it on the second day and fell in love with it. Absolute comfort and real control. I shot better than I had in ages, and with ease.


That night I mentioned to my husband that I might cross the straps over at the back ‘to really get the most out of it’. I took it off and realised I’d missed the magic clip that was already attached for that exact purpose! Day 3 was a breeze. My confidence soared and my scores with it.

Unfortunately I was a few points short of being chosen for the Paralympic team this time but I DID go to Rio as preparation for Tokyo in 4 years’ time.

I couldn’t believe I’d finally found the right bra for my needs! I just had to have more, but it was going to take a while. At £40 each they’re great value for money but I’d already wasted so much on useless bras and I just couldn’t afford to get the amount I needed for a 2 week training camp.

That’s where the wonderful people at Bravissimo came to the rescue. I wrote to them and told them just how much of a boost they had been to my scores AND my boobs. They invited me for a chat and a fitting at their Manchester store where the fabulous Lauren and her team treated me like a celebrity. I was nervous and shy when I arrived but immediately felt at ease as everyone was all smiles and kind words. Bra fitting was as normal as shoe fitting! All too soon it was time to leave but Bravissimo had helped me out with 4 new Panache sports bras, one in each colour!

I’m now getting on top of my game and looking forward to the world championships in Bejing next summer. I wish I’d chosen Bravissimo sooner. My sports bras are such an essential part of my kit. You have to have the right tools for the job and it’s not all about the bow and the arrows.


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