Bravissimo Girls

In our early days we started to use the term ‘Bravissimo girls’ as a way to describe women who are blessed with bigger boobs and over time we’ve been delighted that many of you have adopted the phrase to describe yourselves.

We are a community of women who are each unique and different but the thing that unites us is our shared experience of having big boobs. This is a place for us to share our stories, laugh together and celebrate everything that is inspiring about Bravissimo girls.

We hope you enjoy what’s here and that it goes without saying that we’d love you to join the conversation.

I knew I was a Bravissimo Girl when...

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Your stories

:Thank you for making me feel feminine

"You've been providing my bras since you started, before then I used to hate shopping for the granny cardboard bras which are all that would fit, and would never dream of showing them off! Now not only are you the sole providers of my bras but also most of my tops and dresses too, and I always receive compliments. Thank you for making me feel feminine over the last 21 years."

:I would like to say a big thank you to Bravissimo

"I have been using your shops for most of the 21 years you have been available and at the time it was suddenly not a problem finding a 36J. Since that time I have gone up and down in size and my confidence has increased. At the present time I am now a 34GG and have gone from a size 22 to a 14/16. My confidence is now at an all-time high. May we have many more years with you."