Emma LynnHead of People & Culture

In 3 words, how would your closest friends describe you?

Caring, kind and loyal

What do you do at Bravissimo?

As Head of People and Culture, I work with my amazing team in developing and supporting our culture, ways of working and enabling our people to play an active part in their roles at Bravissimo. We want our customers to fall in love with us and we also want our teams to love what they do here. My team plays a key part in this, working with our purpose and strategy to align all things ‘people’ to these.



What is the best thing about working at Bravissimo?

We are genuinely purpose driven and everything we do is about ensuring our customer’s experience is the best it can be! Our customers are the best; they talk to us all the time about what they like, what they would like us to change and what they don’t like, and we use this feedback to shape our decisions and customers experience.

I also love the people I work with - be that in our leadership team, my people and culture team or anyone I get to meet when out and about. Being part of a team that are totally themselves, light hearted and believe in delivering a great experience for our customers’ = always enjoy coming to work!

If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be?

You do not need to hide your boobs under a baggy top as a teenager and be ashamed of them – big boobs are great – I spent way too many years doing this before discovering Bravissimo!


What quote or mantra do you live by?

In a world when you can be anything, be kind.

What is your party trick?

I don't really have one of my own, but I am a great encourager (although less active participant!) of the after eight mint challenge – google it! 😊

What’s the song that always uplifts you?

Anything the Take That ‘Ultimate Collection’... especially Relight my Fire and Never Forget!

What’s your favourite go-to bra?

It is our first ever own label bra, Alana – other bras come and go but this is the one I always go back to.

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