Our Guide toswimwear fitting and sizing


Yes, you can brave the waves and run around the beach knowing you look great! A supportive, bra-size bikini, swimsuit or tankini gives confidence when showing off your shape and allows us Bravissimo girls to have fun in the sun.

We offer swimwear fittings in all of our shops, where we can help you find something that makes you look and feel amazing. Read on for our answers to your most-often-asked questions about swimwear, which we hope helps you to choose a style that’s right for you.

Your Swimwear Questions Answered

What bikini size should I go for?

As a general rule we advise that you go for your usual bra size. Some women feel more comfortable going up a back size, and if you prefer to do this, remember to try a cup size smaller than you would normally wear in order to keep the same volume in the cup. For example, if you usually wear a 32G bra size but would like a looser fit on the back, you should try a 34FF. You do need to bear in mind that you will compromise on support if you go up a back size though – it’s your choice to make.

How does the sizing of swimsuits work?

As a guide, a 28 back size is the equivalent to a dress size 8, 30 a size 10, 32 a size 12, 34 a size 14, 36 a size 16, 38 a size 18 and 40 a size 20. As we are all different in terms of our body shapes and height, you may need to try a couple of sizes to find the best fit for you. If you’d like more room in the body of the swimsuit, try going up a back size and down a cup size (so that you keep the same volume in the cup). For example, if you usually wear a 32G bra size but think you’ll need more room in the body, you should try a 34FF.

I prefer to cover my tummy, what options do I have?

Other than a swimsuit, a tankini can be a brilliant option for lots of reasons. They obviously provide you with more coverage than a bikini, but they are a more versatile as you can pull them up or down to show as little or as much as your tummy as you like. They can also be easier to get on and off quickly. We tend to show our tankinis with a little gap between the top and the bottoms to show that it is a two-piece, rather than a swimsuit but they are usually long enough to completely cover your tummy if that’s what you prefer.

What options are there for bottoms?

We have lots of options which offer more and less coverage depending on what you prefer. Classic bikini brief shapes and tie-sides offer less coverage, whereas high-waisted and folded style bottoms offer more tummy coverage. Short style bottoms can be a good choice if you’d like more coverage over your hips.