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This elegant balconette is made from a really soft stretch lace, so it works for loads of different shapes. It offers a natural, rounded shape and although it looks light, it’s working really hard ‘behind the seams’ to offer the support that us Bravissimo girls look for. There's a pretty lace back for that added touch of luxury!

The GG+ cup sizes are lined for even more support.

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3.5 out of 5 starsfrom a total of 6 reviews

Fit & supportAverage rating: 3.7 out of 5 stars

StyleAverage rating: 3.7 out of 5 stars

True to sizeAverage rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Perfect! Best bra for full large boobs

Review published on:

Customer rating:5 out of 5 stars

This is best bra I've had by far. At last a pretty bra without granny straps! I've been asking Bravissimo for years to do away with thick wide straps, no fashionable items allow for them and this bra proves they are not needed! This bra gives my boobs great lift and shape, only complaint is I would love more colours so I can buy more!
Style purchased: Grey38J

Not grey - it's dusky rose/lilac!

Review published on:

Customer rating:4 out of 5 stars

I liked this but either it's a tad small in the cup or I really need a JJ (some of my usual 32J's are a bit small now). It's definitely not grey to my eyes - it's a dusky rose/lilac. It's nice though. Like the thick lace and even though it was a tad small there wasn't any digging in of the top edge of the cup - please make it in JJ! I didn't notice that the straps were too narrow? Briefs were nice - I'm a 14-16 and L fitted nicely (although I prefer high-waist pants!).
Style purchased: Grey32J

Pretty but not perfect

Review published on:

Customer rating:3 out of 5 stars

Everything that is said in the previous reviews are true. The bra is pretty but not quite perfect. Sizing is good but the shape is a bit weird. It doesn't make your boobs as rounded as Nina or Millie bras, more like a pointy shape. I don't understand why there is so much stretch in the fabric, which is totally unnecessary. The straps are thin and for that reason doesn't give the best support. Band size is a bit looser than normally, I have 28FF but would need smaller band than 28 (which does not exist). The colors is pretty even though a bit boring but will go well with many different clothes. I was looking for this kind of grey bra and found it. But Bravissimo could make it a bit better...
Style purchased: Grey28FF

Washed with colours!

Review published on:

Customer rating:3 out of 5 stars

I loved the look of this bra in the catalogue, not so much in store. I tried it on in my usual size and the fit was very good. I also liked the shape and the very substantial chunky lace. Even the briefs fitted well. It was the colour that totally put me off! It looks just like it’s been put in the dark wash by mistake! It doesn’t know what colour it is, it’s not grey or pink or lilac, but somewhere in between all those! If I had saw someone with bra straps showing in that colour I would definitely assume it was badly washed and that totally put me off it. My husband was patiently waiting in comfy waiting area,I popped out to show him and he thought exactly the same. Thank goodness the ginger Millie and burgundy Alexa were great so I didn’t come out empty handed.
Style purchased: Grey36H


Review published on:

Customer rating:3 out of 5 stars

I've just received this bra and need to say that the grey colour is really beautiful, sparkling grey that goes really well with a skin tone. However the fit is not great for me. Firstly, the straps are too narrow, so I was afraid they will dig into my skin and that they will not support me enough. Good for someone who prefers narrow straps. For me the lace on the top stretches, but because it has sewing through it, this creates a line between the lace and a boob for me. For sizing I had to go down a band size so instead of having 30F/FF, which I normally wear, I had to go for 28FF. Overall this is a pretty bra. It is a shame but I will be sending it back.
Style purchased: Grey28FF

Could be better

Review published on:

Customer rating:3 out of 5 stars

I don't hate this bra but I don't love it. I'm only keeping it because I love the color, which, incidentally, is not grey. Unless by grey you mean dusty light pink/purple. It's still beautiful though, but don't order this if you actually want grey because this bra is definitely not grey. The shape is a little weird. I think it's lacking a substantial side sling, as I am pushed out at the sides when looking at myself from the front. The shape is only kind of round, but not Nina round (how I miss Nina), and has just a bit of a pointy shape. Shapes like this can usually be remedied by wearing a slightly tighter top underneath clothes. I also am not loving the elastic strip that runs along the top of the cup. With so many of your other stretch lace bras not having this strip, why does this one? It's unnecessary and causes issues for ladies who are full on top (it cuts in and gives quad-boob). I'd love to see more bras in the same vein of Nina, Camilla and Blair.
Style purchased: Grey34J