When did you first discover Bravissimo?

I first discovered Bravissimo 15 years ago. Having struggled to find bras that were comfortable, I was amazed to discover that not only could I find bras that fit, I could get them sent to Cornwall to try on and choose the ones I liked! Three years later, when I moved to London, my first port of call was a Bravissimo shop, so I could have a fitting. It was so nice to meet all the lovely people in the store and be fitted - it felt like a real treat!

The story of the shirt…

Bravissimo saved my life when I had a job interview and I realised that I urgently needed something to wear - which as a bustier woman can be difficult! I bought a wonderful white shirt and (slightly awkwardly!) I forgot to take the label off! One of the teachers stopped me in the staff room and said, “before you go in…you’ve still got the label on!”. Clearly the shirt did the job because I got the job!


I gave birth to my son William eight months ago and while I was pregnant lots changed about my body. As I got further into the pregnancy I felt very aware that my boobs were getting bigger and I knew that they were going to get even bigger still! My ribcage expanded too, and bras stopped fitting me. I made a mad dash to Bravissimo and said “please help! I’m pregnant and I don’t know what to do!” The advice was incredible – I had lots of options to try and the fitters were really honest about what worked.


Just before William was born I bought a nursing bra as I was planning to breastfeed. I spoke to the fitters at Bravissimo and they helped me to choose a bra that would fit me for the rest of my pregnancy as well as giving me room for when my milk came in. As a new parent, I found shopping online so valuable as I didn’t leave the house much! I could order bras from the website, get them delivered to my home and try them on to see which was the most comfortable for me which was so important as a new mum. It was great to have a selection of bras that were comfortable and looked good with my clothes. As a breastfeeding mum, your bra is out in public a lot so that fact the it looked good was a bonus!

What does being a Bravissimo girl mean to you?

Being a Bravissimo girl means that I have confidence to love myself. I can enjoy my life with the freedom of feeling supported.