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We're delighted to be able to offer a soft-cup bralette style that provides enough coverage for us Bravissimo girls! It’s lined with double layers of mesh for light, support so it's a great choice for lazy lounging days! If you need any further help with which size to order, just give us a call or drop us a line.

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Latest customer reviews for the Fancies Non Wired Bralette in Black by Freya

3.8 out of 5 starsfrom a total of 4 reviews

Fit & supportAverage rating: 3.3 out of 5 stars

StyleAverage rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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Review published on:

Customer rating:1 out of 5 stars

I was really looking forward to trying this bralette on since I've been on the hunt for a comfortable wireless bra for ages and given the very affordable price I thought I might have finally found one. As soon as I tried it on however, I knew that this wasn't for me. The lace has some stretch which compensates for the small size selection a bit but I would have thought that Bravissimo of all places would understand that 4 sizes aren't going to be enough to cover all the different sizes and shapes of Bravissimo clients. The M was too big in the band for me and the S, unsurprisingly, wouldn't really cover my boobs. It's always disappointing seeing every other shop size a lot of their lingerie in Small, Medium, Large etc., so it's always refreshing to go into a Bravissimo store and find so much variety, especially for me since I have a small band size and a large cup, which makes it impossible to shop anywhere else. I would like to hope that this bralette will be made available in band/cup sizes so that more people can enjoy them.
Style purchased: BlackFY312BLKM


Review published on:

Customer rating:5 out of 5 stars

I am a size 38H so therefore got the this in XL. It is really comfortable and looks beautiful as the way it is design it doesn't fold at the back, as sometimes being a bigger girl that happens. But with this it sits perfectly and looks and feels great. It's good for wearing around the house or at night. I will highly recommend it. It's not as supportive as a bra but it gives enough support for being at home.
Style purchased: BlackFY312BLKXL


Review published on:

Customer rating:5 out of 5 stars

I bought this one in a different colour through another shop, and I am really glad that Bravissimo is finally offering this as well. With my age and size (30G), I do not always need the support of a normal bra, or just find it more comfortable to go wireless. Sometimes I just want a light lacy bralette for the bedroom. Or a thin sport bra, which will keep me covered, but will not interfere with my deep breathing during yoga. Or simply a wireless bikini top, easier to put on and take off than a swimsuit, but more comfortable than a wired one. If I try to buy either of those in "regular" lingerie shops, I have two choices. Either a smaler size, where the fabric does not cover my boobs; or a bigger size, where the underband is so loose that I risk accidental underboob. I was so relieved to finally find this one. For lack of better options, I end up using it both at home and for yoga. I would use it for swimming as well, except it's slightly see-through. Unlike "maternity" non-wired bras, this one does not force a shape on your boobs. In fact, the shape is very natural, almost bra-less. They are slightly closer together than they normally would be, but not squished. It does not have fastening, but is pulled over the head. It can get a bit scratchy where lace meets mesh under the boobs, but maybe that's just mine. The support is indeed light, but that is the whole point. To sum up, it is not perfect. But it is the only thing of it's type that I have found. Can't wait for more like that.
Style purchased: BlackFY312BLKM


Review published on:

Customer rating:4 out of 5 stars

I thought I'd take a chance in ordering in this, I'd been looking for something to wear around the house for a while, wireless bras I don't find overly comfortable. This is very comfortable, you just pull it over your head, adjust yourself so the lace band sits against your rib cage and your good to go. Only downside is that it's not really that supportive, not that I was surprised by that, holding up 34G boobs with lace and net was never going to produce a fantastic amount of lift but I was hoping for a little more. I'd answer the door in it no problem but I wouldn't really go outside of the house! I'm keeping it because it's so comfy, looks nice and it's a relief to get in the house and take off my underwired bra and wear this instead. It'd be nice if they did it in a couple of other colours as well.
Style purchased: BlackFY312BLKL