what is the best bra for support?

Our guide to supportive bras


What is the best bra for support?

The short answer is the best bra for support is one that fits you well! Lots of big-boobed women want to know what type of bra is good for heavy breasts and a question that we’re asked often at Bravissimo is ‘what is the best bra for support?’. We understand that finding a supportive and comfortable bra is important – especially when you have big boobs! So, we’re here to help you to navigate our range of lingerie and find a great-fitting bra that offers support and lift and feels comfortable too - hooray!

What type of bra gives the best support?

A bra that fits you properly is a great place to start! It’s essential that the back band of your bra is firm as this is where most of the support comes from, so check out our three step check to make sure that your bra is firm enough around the back. If you’re wondering what type of bra is good for heavy breasts (we Bravissimo girls can relate!) a full cup will give plenty of coverage and support and one that has firm fabric (like the Selina bra) will reduce the jiggle, too. If you’re looking a super comfortable bra that will support large breasts, try the Aura bra which has wider straps and comfort features such as a padded hook and eye – bliss!

What is the best bra for my breast shape?

No two boobs are the same - our boobs are totally unique (just like us!). It’s difficult to say what the most common breast shape is, because our boobs come in different shapes and sizes. However, we do know that certain styles work better for some breast shapes than others.

For example, if you have one breast bigger than the other (which most of us do!) then a style with stretch lace - like the Envy bra - is a great option as it molds and fits to your unique shape.

If your breasts are ‘east west’ (they point outwards and leave space in the middle) you might like to try the Clara bra or another style with a side sling which will bring your boobs together for a more forward-facing look.

If your breasts are less full, or have less ‘volume’, why not try a molded style like the Idol bra which will create a rounded shape, or a half cup bra which will push your boobs up from the bottom for an upfront look.

Even if you’re looking for a bra for a tricky outfit, there are supportive options to choose from. Try the Luxe bra for a strapless option you can dance the night away in (without your boobs budging!). Check our bra style guide to find out more.


Can I still get support from a bra without underwire?

YES! You can get support from a bra without an underwire, although it might not be the same level of support as you’re used to from a wired style. Most of the support comes from the back band rather than the cups or wires, so if your bra fits you well (get in touch or check out our bra fitting guide if you’re not sure) it will provide support. The level of coverage and the type of fabric also makes a difference to how supportive your bra is.

If you’re looking for great support without underwires, check out styles by Royce which give great coverage and firm fabric to keep you super secure. If you’re looking for a supportive sports bra without underwires, check out our range of non-wired sports bras. These styles work on the principal of compression - they hold your boobs close to your chest – so you can beat the bounce and go for it!

Which supportive bra should I try?

Now you’re armed with lots of knowledge about which supportive bras might work well for you, why not have a browse and see which one (or ones!) take your fancy? If you’d like any more help about which styles or sizes to try, please do get in touch – our friendly fitters are on hand seven days a week and they love to help! You can call us on 01926 459 859, chat to us via Live Chat or pop into one of our shops any time for a fitting.