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Confidence is a woman's best friend!


"I have learnt to love my big boobs since finding underwear that fits and compliments them. My boobs are uplifted, my back is supported so I feel empowered as a big boobed woman!⁣"



I am strong!Amy

"I feel sexy, cute, empowered, supported and connected. Bravissimo have been in my life since I stepped foot in their Brighton store almost 14 years ago and haven’t let me or my boobies down since."



Celebrating fuller busts all day everyday!


"This shy girl feeling a little wild for sharing a swimwear picture on a pink flamingo inflatable in 2017 is now celebrating fuller busts ALL DAY EVERY DAY dancing around in pretty, supportive, fuller bust lingerie. I have a lot to thank Bravissimo for, for supporting me to feel confident and uplifted"


I am empowered, I am happy, I am confident!


"I used to struggle to find underwear that supported me, made me feel confident and allowed me to wear the latest trends. But with Bravissimo I am unstoppable!"


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