Hi I'm Tanya, manager of the Guildford store

Also Pepperberry
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I love working for Bravissimo and I believe feeling confident in your appearance starts with a great fitting bra. When I started I was wearing a 34B only to discover, like many women who come to us that I was in the wrong bra. I now wear my 28E with pride! Just because you have big boobs doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have great choice and be able to wear pretty bras. I love watching ladies that have been fitted with us walking out buzzing with confidence, because we have found them the right bra.

Store Address

25-27 Market Street

Telephone: 01483 574 081

If you are looking to contact us with a stock enquiry, please note that products shown as out of stock on our website will also be out of stock in our stores.

How to find us

We are off North Street, past House of Fraser and turn right by French Connection. If you are coming from the High Street turn left by Reebok and we're down the bottom on the left. We are a 5 minute walk away from the bus station.

Opening Times

10:00am - 5:30pm
10:00am - 5:30pm
10:00am - 5:30pm
10:00am - 5:30pm
10:00am - 5:30pm
9:30am - 6:00pm
11:00am - 5:00pm
Bank Holidays
11:00am - 5:00pm

Local Information

Nearest Car Park: Our nearest car park is on Leapale Road, a minute away.
Trains and Buses: Our store is ten minutes from the train station, and close to the main bus routes that run through town.
Disabled Access: Please note that there is no lift at our Guildford store, but we do have fitting rooms on the ground floor and are happy to help in any way we can. If you require assistance please contact us before your visit.
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Who's who...

Hi I'm Kitty the Assistant Manager here in Guildford. I've been a Bravissimo girl since the age of 13 as I have always been blessed with bigger boobs. I'm on a mission to help other ladies embrace their curves by finding them uplifting, gorgeous underwear!
Hello im Jodi. I had a transformative experience being fitted at Bravissimo some years ago and left walking taller and feeling so much better about myself. Its so lovely I can now help other people feel like that too! One of the most enjoyable parts of the job is the educational aspect - I believe you should leave your fitting not just in the right bra, but understanding why it’s the right bra and what a good fit looks and feels like.
Hello, I am Sarah. I have been a huge fan of Bravissimo for 12 years during that time I have had two children and lost weight so my size has fluctuated considerably. I have always left the store with a huge smile on my face and feeling like a new woman. I was delighted to hear of the store opening in Guildford and wanted to give the same excellent service to women like me!
Hi, I'm Emilie. I am a 30FF and my favourite bra is the Clara. I love that Bravissimo caters for everyone which makes it a great place to work! I love seeing a lady leave feeling fab in a great fitting bra.

What's in store?

We'd love to see you for a free personalised bra fitting!

Our fully trained fitting staff are always on hand to offer individual fittings and advice, whenever you visit us. However, if you'd prefer to plan ahead we are also able to offer you a 20 minute appointment. Please call the store, or pop in to find out more or to book your fitting.

On a daily basis we see such a variety of women; young girls, older ladies, voluptuous ladies, breastfeeding women, women who’ve had mastectomies and women of all shapes and sizes everyday of the week. Many people can feel a bit daunted by having a bra fitted for the first time, but please let us put your fears aside.

Private fitting rooms

All of our fitting rooms are completely private and you don’t have to change in front of anyone! Being fitted can be daunting for some people, but we really try to make the whole experience an enjoyable one by putting our customers at ease. If you’re uncomfortable about undressing in front of the fitter, don’t worry, we’ll leave you to it – you can lock the fitting room door and we’ll knock before we come in. The fitter need never see you without your bra on if that’s what you’d prefer. We have many different fitters in our shops, which reflect our customers – from younger women to older mums, and we all have lots of experience to ensure that you go away looking and feeling fabulous.

No tape measures

We don’t use tape measures as we don’t feel that they give an accurate portrayal of your size, instead we use the bra that you’re wearing as a guide and show you where it’s not fitting you and ascertain what size you should be from that and also, what styles are more likely to suit you. From there, we encourage you to try on a selection of styles – many different brands of bras fit in a very different way, you may be one size in one style and a different cup size in another. In our experience, 60 per cent of women currently wearing a C cup should be wearing anything from a D cup and above. The majority of women who we fit are wearing a bra that’s too big in the back and too small in the cup, so really, they’re a lot slimmer than they thought they were! Essentially we show you how a good fitting bra looks and feels and why. We then show you all the styles that will flatter you. It’s just like having a personal shopper on hand – we do all the running around fetching you lots of different styles until you’re completely happy!

waiting rooms

Don't worry about the kids

Note to mums with small children – we know that your time is precious and that sometimes you have to bring the children shopping with you. We don’t mind at all having children in the shop, in fact, we have books to keep the little ones entertained while you have your fitting. Note to breastfeeding mums – please don’t worry about breast-feeding in our shop! If you need anything at all, such as a glass of water, (we know that this is thirsty work), please just ask.

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A few of your comments

“ Feeling a bit self-conscious, I came in having not had a fitting for years! What a revelation, lovely staff and really helpful - thank you girls! ”
Annie, Guildford
“ Superb assistance, advice and help as always. It's a pleasure to visit a Bravissimo store. ”
Anne, Worthing
“ So helpful and informative, made a massive difference to my shopping experience. Great friendly service! ”
Rebecca, Ash Green
“ Amazing! I went from feeling totally depressed about my shape and size to walking out with a smile and feeling like I have had a boob lift. This was all thanks to the wonderful staff! ”
Tracy, Loughton
“ Everyone was fabulous; clearly I've been wearing the wrong bra size for years. My fitter was so professional and kind and didn't make me feel embarrassed at all. I will definitely be back. Thank you! ”
Elaine, Horsham