Hi I'm Jenny, manager of the Norwich store

Also Pepperberry
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I wear a 32HH/34H depending on the style! I'm a 12SC/SD depending on the cut/fabric and I have been the manager of Norwich Bravissimo/Pepperberry store since 2010. As I was a Bravissimo customer before I worked here, I know exactly how it feels to have a fitting and what a life changing experience it can be. I know there is nothing we love more than to see a customer 'float' out of store feeling confident, comfortable, liberated and 100% gorgeous after a fitting experience with us.

Store Address

31 London Street

Telephone: 01603 878 260

If you are looking to contact us with a stock enquiry, please note that products shown as out of stock on our website will also be out of stock in our stores.

How to find us

We are located in the centre of Norwich 5 minutes walk from Jarrold Department Store on London Street opposite Boots and our neighbours are The Jewellers: W.R Bullen and Ye Olde English Sweet Shop.

Opening Times

9:30am - 6:00pm
9:30am - 6:00pm
9:30am - 6:00pm
9:30am - 6:00pm
9:30am - 6:00pm
9:00am - 6:00pm
10:30am - 4:30pm
Bank Holidays
10:30am - 4:30pm

Local Information

Car park: Our nearest car parks are St Andrews and The Forum.
Trains and buses: Bus routes can be found at nearby Castle Meadow near Norwich Castle which can be accessed by going through Boots which is opposite us. There are also bus stops at 'Tombland' near Norwich Cathedral. The main bus station is on Surrey Street near the Norwich Union building which is near to St Stephens Street in the centre of town, a 5-10 minute walk from our shop.
Baby changing: Baby Changing facilities are at Jarrold the Store (a local department store which can be found to your right when exiting our store) or Costa Coffee (to be found on your left when exiting our store).
Disabled access: In the summer our door is usually propped open so you can come straight in however should there be any difficulty with pushing our door open - it can be a little heavy, we do have a door bell so we can open the door for you. We are a listed building so unfortunately do not have a lift however we have a downstairs fitting room if you have difficulty with stairs.
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Who's who...

I’m Jess; I have worked for Bravissimo since February 2012, both as a fitter and now as Supervisor of the Norwich store. I wear a 30FF and a 10RC in Pepperberry. There is nothing more rewarding than being able to rescue a damsel in distress and that is what we do here daily at Bravissimo. As a result of a fitting with us, you will no doubt be pleasantly surprised by the difference a great fitting bra can make to your posture, your wardrobe, and most importantly your body confidence. We believe that every woman deserves to have fabulous lingerie they feel great in, whatever the cup size, so we settle for nothing less than ‘bra-LOVE’!
Hi, I’m Emily and I’ve worked at the Norwich branch of Bravissimo since February 2012, I wear a 34E and a 14CV – RC (though these fluctuate!). Working here has given me a new appreciation for women and everything we have to go through in our lives! I love the team of girls here. If somebody is down in the dumps when they arrive, they’ll be cheered up by the end of their shift. This is an approach we like to take with our customers too. The greatest reward for me is taking a lady with little self-esteem and helping them to see how gorgeous they are! Stop the body-bashing ladies, you are all beautiful the way you are! And I have just the right underwear/outfit to prove it…

What's in store?

We'd love to see you for a free personalised bra fitting!

Our fully trained fitting staff are always on hand to offer individual fittings and advice, whenever you visit us. However, if you'd prefer to plan ahead we are also able to offer you a 20 minute appointment. Please call the store, or pop in to find out more or to book your fitting.

On a daily basis we see such a variety of women; young girls, older ladies, voluptuous ladies, breastfeeding women, women who’ve had mastectomies and women of all shapes and sizes everyday of the week. Many people can feel a bit daunted by having a bra fitted for the first time, but please let us put your fears aside.

fitting rooms

Private fitting rooms

All of our fitting rooms are completely private and you don’t have to change in front of anyone! Being fitted can be daunting for some people, but we really try to make the whole experience an enjoyable one by putting our customers at ease. If you’re uncomfortable about undressing in front of the fitter, don’t worry, we’ll leave you to it – you can lock the fitting room door and we’ll knock before we come in. The fitter need never see you without your bra on if that’s what you’d prefer. We have many different fitters in our shops, which reflect our customers – from younger women to older mums, and we all have lots of experience to ensure that you go away looking and feeling fabulous.

No tape measures

We don’t use tape measures as we don’t feel that they give an accurate portrayal of your size, instead we use the bra that you’re wearing as a guide and show you where it’s not fitting you and ascertain what size you should be from that and also, what styles are more likely to suit you. From there, we encourage you to try on a selection of styles – many different brands of bras fit in a very different way, you may be one size in one style and a different cup size in another. In our experience, 60 per cent of women currently wearing a C cup should be wearing anything from a D cup and above. The majority of women who we fit are wearing a bra that’s too big in the back and too small in the cup, so really, they’re a lot slimmer than they thought they were! Essentially we show you how a good fitting bra looks and feels and why. We then show you all the styles that will flatter you. It’s just like having a personal shopper on hand – we do all the running around fetching you lots of different styles until you’re completely happy!

waiting rooms

Don't worry about the kids

Note to mums with small children – we know that your time is precious and that sometimes you have to bring the children shopping with you. We don’t mind at all having children in the shop, in fact, we have books to keep the little ones entertained while you have your fitting. Note to breastfeeding mums – please don’t worry about breast-feeding in our shop! If you need anything at all, such as a glass of water, (we know that this is thirsty work), please just ask.

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A few of your comments

“ Best Experience ever, feeling sexy again. Thank you for making me feel like a woman again ”
Lynda, Suffolk
“ Amy was so helpful and patient. She’s a star. Many Thanks. ”
Janet, UK
“ Julie not only looked amazing!......The service was amazing too! ”
Heather, Norwich
“ Brilliant customer service-wish I’d come here ages ago! Thanks girls, I now have a good cleavage and a waist! ”
Sarah, Kings Lynn
“ Amazingly helpful and expert service! I hate bra shopping but Amy was absolutely lovely during my fitting and made me feel happy and comfortable with the bras I bought! Thank you ”
Kathryn, Norfolk