The Ultimate Bravissimo Gift Guide: How to buy lingerie as a gift!

Here at Bravissimo we know the importance of feeling confident in lingerie and beautiful great-fitting bras are a great place to start. So why not celebrate the special someone in your life (or treat yourself!) by giving the gift of lingerie!

Choosing gifts can be tricky but buying lingerie presents doesn’t have to be hard - we’re here to help you to find a lingerie gift that’s truly confidence-boosting – whether you’re looking to treat yourself or uplift someone else! You can get in touch with our friendly fitters seven days a week and they all have lots of experience talking to anyone who is looking for lingerie gift ideas. All our lingerie is beautifully gift wrapped and delivered to your door - you can even request for it to be in a plain box so as not to spoil a surprise! If you’d prefer to give the gift of choice (or if you’re short of time!) why not buy a lingerie gift voucher? They can be used in our shops or online and we can email it to you, so you get it straight away – phew!

“As someone who has always felt uncomfortable about her boobs I now have great-fitting bras which have changed how I see myself. Quite a Christmas gift!”– Toni, Bravissimo Girl

Understanding the importance of size and fit when buying lingerie as a gift

Choosing lingerie in the right size and fit might feel a little daunting – but don’t worry – we’re here to help you to navigate the choice. Maybe the big-boobed person in your life has been dropping some ‘subtle’ hints or you could suggest a trip to one of our shops for a free fitting, but if it’s a surprise gift, you might have to do some detective work to work what size to go for. A good place to start is with a bra that they wear often. Take a peek inside and see if you can find a size. You’re looking for a number between 28 – 40 – that’s the back size, and a letter between D and L – that’s the cup size. If you’re planning to gift a complete underwear set, you’ll also need a size for the matching bottoms. You can find out more about sizing in our bra fitting guide. It’s not just about the letters and numbers. You also need to work out which shape to go for. To learn more about which type of bra to buy – check out our bra shape guide. And remember, if you don’t get quite the right size or style, don’t worry! You can return or exchange in our shops or by post – all returns and exchanges are free from postage.

How to buy lingerie for someone who loves lace?

The lace in our bras not only looks good – but if feels amazing too! Lots of the lace in our bras is a soft, stretch lace that lots of our big-boobed community find super comfortable and supportive. What’s more, they feel confident in it – and what’s a sexier gift than that? The Lacey bloom bra is a full cup bra that is Lacey by name and lacy by nature, and the Aria bra is a triangle shape that has a low plunge centre. The Alexa bra has beautiful lace panels on the back of the bra so someone who loves lace can get the lacy look from all angles!

How to pick a bra for someone that loves colour?

Bright and colourful lingerie gift sets can give a real boost – in more ways than one! If you’re looking for a lingerie present in a specific colour, you can filter through our D+ lingerie by bra colour, or get in touch with our friendly fitters who’d be happy to help you to pick out the perfect gift set. Lots of styles loved by our big-boobed community come in beautiful coloured versions too – try the Zara bralette for a sparkly stretch lace style, or the Clara bra for an elegant satin set. There’s usually lots of colour in our seasonal sets too.

How to pick a bra for someone who loves comfortable underwear?

The gift of comfort is something that many big-boobed people would be very happy to receive but there can be a misconception that comfort = boring, and this is just not true! We’re here to ‘bust’ that myth once and for all with lots of pretty and comfortable bras in our comfort edit, so the big-boobed person in your life can look and feel amazing, as well as supported. If you’re looking for a lingerie gift ideal for snuggling, why not check out our range of nightwear? It’s designed with built-in bra support and extra room for your boobs – who doesn’t want to lounge in comfort?!

What bra to buy for someone who loves sports?

If you’re buying lingerie for someone in your life who loves sports, we have lots of sports bras that are pretty as well as practical. Whether you’re looking for a gift that is suitable for high-impact or low-impact activity we have lots of experience picking out bras that ‘beat the bounce’. The Panache Racerback wired and non-wired sports bras are both best-selling styles – and there are lots of colours and patterns to choose from - yay! To find out more about the sports styles we offer check out our guide to sports bras or get in touch – our fitters are ready and waiting to help you!

Bravissimo x Fuller bust inspo boob necklace!

After their paths crossed online, Chloe and Jordan joined forces last year, working together to create their sell-out Boob Necklace! Chloe is the creator of The Fuller Bust Community online which aims to inspire, educate and support anyone with a fuller bust. And Jordan is an independent jewellery designer-maker from Cornwall, who uses traditional silversmithing techniques to create simple-yet-fun jewellery with meaning.

Why do you choose to work with female founded brands, both together and with Bravissimo?
Empowering and supporting women is something I’m so passionate about, so collaborating with a UK female-founded brand to create the Boob Necklace was important to me. When I reached out to Jordan, I soon realised our values aligned and we could create something great together.

With the necklace being handmade, each set of boobs are subtly different, which beautifully represents all boobs being different and unique. And choosing a high-quality recycled sterling silver meant we could be kind to the environment and create boobs that will last for years to come!

Sometimes you feel alone like your big boobs are different and there’s no one out there who feels the same, but you’re never alone. Bravissimo’s commitment to empowering and supporting big boobed women really helped me build my own confidence and inspired me to create my online community. From the empowerment I felt in my first bra fitting, to the support they gave me as a bra fitter, Bravissimo has supported my journey to feeling good about my boobs and empowering other women to do the same.

I’m so happy to have the opportunity to work with both Bravissimo and Jordan Lily to empower even more big-boobed women all around the world and remind them, big boobs are great.

Jordan: I loved Chloe’s vision for a boob-based jewellery project! Throughout the design process, we worked on creating a necklace that fitted my jewellery style: focussing on a simple piece that’s both fun and wearable.

As an independent jewellery designer and maker, it’s been great to work with Chloe and now with Bravissimo, making a necklace that celebrates handmade craft(wo)manship and quality, environmentally-conscious design.

Our collaboration has been built on shared values and a commitment to creating jewellery that empowers. When the team at Bravissimo got in touch, it was the icing on the cake! I love how this little necklace has joined together female-founded businesses and communities to make a stand for whole-body acceptance. Embracing the journey that celebrates everybody being wonderfully made.