Behind the Seams: Sustainable Swimwear


Here at Bravissimo, we want to take full responsibility for the impact that Bravissimo has on society and the environment which we live in and this means making sure we are doing our bit to be more sustainable.

We’ve introduced lots more sustainable swimwear (made from recycled materials) into our range so we can offer swimwear that not only looks good and feels great but is kind to the planet too! We chatted with our Senior Buyer for swimwear, Hannah Oldfield, to talk all about what goes on behind the seams of our sustainable swimwear offering!


What is sustainable swimwear?

For us at Bravissimo sustainable swimwear is all about reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring that we continue to find ways to have a positive impact on the planet and people! From sourcing recycled materials to use within our bra-sized swimwear ranges to ensuring our factory workers are paid fairly and have safe working conditions, we look at the whole process of what it means to make sustainable swimwear for big-boobed women.


What is sustainable swimwear made from?

Our range of sustainable swimwear is made from recycled plastic and polyester. This means that the yarn for the fabric has been made from recycling single use plastic (including plastic bottles and ocean waste - yay!).

Some of our sustainable swimwear is made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon, which is an environmentally sustainable nylon fibre made from regenerated raw materials and ocean waste.


Why should I choose sustainable swimwear?

Sustainable and ethical swimwear is both kind to people and the planet (and great for big-boobed women too!). We’ve tested recycled fabrics and trims and explored how we can use these in our bra-sized swimwear so that there’s no compromise on support or style – yes really!

How can buying sustainable swimwear help people and the planet?

Since sustainable swimwear is made using recycled materials, this helps to rescue plastic waste and upcycle single use plastic to be reworked to make our swimwear fabric which is the base of our supportive bra-sized swimwear. This saves on using virgin polyester fibres and fabric, which is made by burning crude oil! We also have strong relationships with our factories who make our supportive swimwear – we see them as our extended Bravissimo family, which you can read more about in our commitment to being sustainable at Bravissimo!

How can I tell if my swimwear is sustainable?

When you’re shopping in store, if you check the hang tags on the swimwear styles you’ll find all the information you need about the recycled fabrics used (or ask one of our friendly fitters for more information – they’d be more than happy to help you!).

If you’re browsing our range of supportive swimwear online, look out for our recycled materials logo and check out our product descriptions for information on recycled materials used!


What’s the difference between the sustainable swimwear and the other swimwear at Bravissimo?

It’s the fabric used! Our sustainable swimwear styles are made using recycled and reworked materials rather than virgin fibres.

Will I get the same support in sustainable swimwear?

Yes! The fabric composition is the same and we’ve made sure to do lots of testing with fabrics to make sure the fit and support remains the same.

Last but not least...

We know there’s still lots more that we can do to help people and the planet at Bravissimo, and we’re taking more and more steps to becoming more sustainable! From our environmental committee to the amazing work our product teams do – we’re always looking for ways we can make a positive impact to our customers, employees and community. If you have any ideas on how we can be more sustainable or environmentally friendly, please do get in touch with us – we’d love to hear from you.

How can we be more sustainable?

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