Bra Fitting Guide


What bra size am I?

Our boobs are wonderful 3D things and we all have a unique shape, so we don’t find using tape measures much use to find ‘your bra size’ - how could you measure a pint of milk with a ruler?! Instead, we prefer to arm you with knowledge because when you know what to look for, it’s easy to work out if a bra fits you well or not.

If you’ve got any questions, we’d love to help. You can call us (we’re open 7 days a week), chat to us via Live Chat or pop into our New York store for a bra fitting.

Is your bra fitting you well?

Firm and comfortable bra underband

1:The underband should be firm but comfortable

Most of the support comes from the underband. It should be horizontal around your body without riding up or digging in. We recommend fastening a new bra on its loosest hooks so that you can tighten it if it stretches over time.

I don’t think my underband is fitting well

Bra wires should be flat against your chest

2:The wires should lie flat against your chest

The wires between your boobs should lie flat without digging in, rubbing or poking out. If you trace the wire with your finger, it should sit on your ribcage (not your boob!) all the way round to your armpit. The wires shouldn’t slip down as you move or lift away if you raise your arms.

I don’t think my wires are fitting well

Your boobs should be fully in the cups

3:Your boobs should be fully enclosed in the cups

Make sure your boobs are fully in the cups – a bit of a scoop, wiggle and jiggle usually does the trick! You should fill the cups without any bulging or wrinkling even in a lower-cut style and there should be a smooth line, with no ridge, where the top and the side of the fabric ends.

I don’t think my cups are fitting well

I don't think my underband is fitting well


Underband riding up your back?

The underband should stay horizontal during the day, so if it’s riding up then try a smaller back size.

REMEMBER this will change the cup size, please see below…

Boobs showing underneath underband?

There’s too much room around the underband, try a smaller back size.

REMEMBER this will change the cup size, please see below…



I don't think my wires are fitting well


Wires digging in to your breast tissue?

The wires should fit flat against your ribcage all the way round, so try a bigger cup size or a different style.

Wires not sitting flat between your boobs?

There isn’t enough room in the cups, so your boobs are pushing the wires away from you. Try a bigger cup size.



Wires slipping down or lifting away when you lift your arms?

The wires aren’t flat to your ribcage as there’s too much room in the back. Try a smaller back size.

REMEMBER this will change the cup size. Please see below…


I don't think my cups are fitting well


Boobs overspilling at the front or side?

The volume of the cups is too small, so try a bigger cup size.

Cups wrinkling?

There’s too much room in the cups, so try going down a cup size. Or, try a style with stretch lace, as this will mold to your shape.



Cups gaping?

The cups might be too big, so you might need to try a cup size smaller. If it’s a molded style you’re wearing then the shape might not be quite right, so it might be worth trying a different style.


Other reasons my bra might not be fitting well


Straps slipping?

Try tightening the straps (this might sound obvious but they do loosen!) or try a full cup style with more centred straps.

Straps digging in?

This could be a sign that your shoulders are taking the strain as the underband isn’t giving you enough support. Try a smaller back size or try our bra strap pads.



One boob bigger than the other?

Most of us have one boob bigger than the other. Fit to the bigger boob or try a style with stretch lace that will mold to your shape.

A few words about shape

It’s not just about the letters and numbers written in your bra labels. A big part of finding bras that fit you well is working out which shapes suit you best – each will do something different for you depending on your own individual shape. We make it our mission to offer a great choice of bra styles to cover the many varied and wonderful shapes of Bravissimo girls!

What to do if your bra is uncomfortable


We advise what we believe to be a good fit, but only you can know if your bra feels comfortable. If your bra is uncomfortable, please get in touch with us so we can help.

Did you know?

• When you change the back size of your bra, you also need to change the cup size if you want to keep the volume of the cups the same. This is because increasing the back size also increases the cup volume, so a 34G has bigger cups than a 32G.

• You are probably not one bra size! Compare buying a bra with buying a pair of shoes – you might know what size generally feels good, but things like styles, shapes and brands can make a difference.

• We offer a friendly, knowledgeable and free fitting service over the phone and on live chat – we're open 7 days a week!