Bra fitting guide


At Bravissimo we don’t use tape measures because we know they don’t work for bra fitting. Our boobs are three-dimensional, so tape measures really aren’t any use (!) and because we all have a unique shape it’s important to ensure the fit of each bra is right for you.

The numbers and letters written on your bra labels really don’t matter in themselves – it’s how you look and feel that counts! Take a look at our 3 Step Guide, and if you're still unsure then we'd love to help you via our live chat service or give us a call.


1:The band around your body should be firm but comfortable

When you stand side-on at the mirror, the band should be horizontal around your body and it shouldn’t ride up at the back at all.

We recommend fastening a new bra on its loosest hook so that you can tighten it up as it becomes a little looser when you’ve worn and washed it a few times.


2:The Wires should lie flat against your chest

The wires at the front (in between your boobs) should lie flat against your chest without digging in, rubbing or poking out at the front.

The wires should sit on your ribcage and not on your breast tissue and shouldn’t slip downwards during the day as you move about or lift away if you raise your arms.

Step 3

3:Your boobs should be enclosed in the cups

You should have a smooth line where the fabric at the top of the cup ends and meets your bust. You may need to adjust your boobs into the cups - a bit of a scoop and a jiggle usually does the trick!

You shouldn’t have any ridge or bulging over the top or sides of the cups, even if you are wearing a balconette, plunge or lower cut style.


It’s really important to us that you feel comfortable in the bras that you buy from us so, if once you’ve worn a new bra, you find it uncomfortable or you’re not happy with it for any reason, please stop wearing it and get in touch with us so that we can help. All our contact details can be found by scrolling down!