How to wear loungewear: Our guide to relaxing with style and support!

As many of us are spending more time at home… we may as well get comfortable! Our collection of loungewear includes lounge bras, tops and sleepwear with built-in support and means that that those of us blessed with big boobs can relax in style and comfort while feeling supported and secure – hooray!


What is loungewear?

Whether your go-to loungewear look is a tracksuit, cashmere or a baggy band T-shirt from gigs-gone-by – the key to relaxing with support for Bravissimo girls is often what we’re wearing underneath! For women with big boobs feeling secure is the foundation to comfort and confidence and our collection of comfy bras is full of lingerie you’ll love to lounge in.

If you’re looking for loungewear that you don’t need to wear a separate bra with, why not try our bra-sized nightwear? It has support built in, so it’s designed to be comfortable enough for those of us with big boobs to sleep in, as well as feeling supportive enough to wear around the house. So, if you want to wear your supportive sleepwear all day, we say go for it! (we won’t tell if you’re wearing your PJs during a video call – we promise!).


:VickyBravissimo girl

"Super soft, comfy and flattering! Perfect for lounging around the home… as well as sleeping!"

PJ Racerback Top


How to style loungewear?

With many of us spending more time at home, loungewear is working harder than ever before! Find your ‘staying-in’ style with our collection of supportive nightwear and comfortable lingerie – perfect for working - or working out - from home.

Home loungewear: what to wear at home all day

Less time in meeting rooms and more time in the front room, means that you can wear outfits (and bras) that fit your comfort code – rather than an office dress code.

Bras from our comfort edit make the perfect partner to your loungewear and take you straight from video call to boxset! The Nova Lounge bra is a great work-from-home bra that’s comfy to lounge in - and you can feel confident wearing it out of the house too!


:HannahBravissimo girl

“I LOVE the Nova Lounge bra so much I wish I’d bought two! It is perfect for lounging in the house, but it is also supportive enough to be able to pop to the shops without a worry … or change of bra!"

Nova Lounge Bra


What is athleisure?

If you’ve ever worn your gym leggings not only for the gym, then chances are you’re already embracing athleisure (whether you realised it or not!). The same goes for sports bras with many Bravissimo girls telling us that they feel confident when wearing a sports bra for everyday comfort as well as for working out.

Sports bras tend to offer more support and coverage than other styles, so they’re a great option when we want to feel secure while we lounge. If you’re looking for a sports bra for front-room workouts (as well as lounging on the sofa afterwards!) you can beat the bounce and and go for it in our collection of low impact and high impact bra-sized sports bras.


:MeeraBravissimo girl

“I’ve struggled to find a sports bra that was supportive, comfortable AND cute- this one is all three! I can wear it jogging in the park, but also find it so comfy to wear while chilling at home- I love it.”

Panache Non-Wired Sports Bra

And relax… (with style and support!)

If you’re looking for your perfect ‘work from home’ bra or want to make sure your boobs stay put whilst you stay in, our loungewear collection means you can lounge in comfort while feeling supported and secure. For advice about sizes or styles, you can pop into one of our shops or get in touch with our friendly fitters via our website and over the phone. We’d love to help you find loungewear that you feel confident and amazing in!


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