How to Choose the

Best Bras for Big Boobs

Finding a great bra for big boobs can be truly uplifting (figuratively and literally!). At Bravissimo we believe that big-boobed women should have the power to choose bras that we love, rather than what comes in our size. We hope that you feel spoilt for choice with our wide selection of lingerie for big boobs!


Getting your bra size right

When it comes to choosing the best bra for DD boobs and above - size matters! An uncomfortable bra can be an indication that you’re not wearing the right size – and you’re not alone! We see and hear from lots of women who aren’t wearing a well-fitting bra, and it’s no wonder when you think about how limited the choice of bras can be in bigger cup sizes. At Bravissimo we have sizes from 28 - 40 back and from D – L cup. Find out more in Bra Sizing Explained.

The importance of a good bra fit

Finding a good-fitting bra can (literally!) be a weight off our shoulders! We’ve been fitting women with big boobs - by eye - for over 25 years. Whether we’re fitting online, on the phone or in our shops, you won’t find us using tape measures to work out bra size. Instead, our experienced fitters arm you with knowledge, so you can work out for yourself if your bra is a good fit…and what to try if it’s not! You can find the three-step check in our Bra Fit Guide.

Bra styles that offer different shapes for big busts

It’s not just about the letters and numbers written in your bra labels. A big part of finding the best bras for large bust is working out which shapes work for you. We make it our mission to offer a great choice of bra styles to cover the many varied and wonderful shapes of Bravissimo girls!


Balconette bras (sometimes known as balcony bras) - are a great option for those of us blessed with big boobs as they offer us support, coverage and work well with most outfits – tick, tick, tick!

Bravissimo girls can wear plunge bras too! The perfect partner to lower-cut outfits, our range of plunge bras offer less coverage and still give the support that those of us with big boobs look for.



When only a smooth line will do, reach for a T-shirt bra. Our collection includes moulded (seam-free) and non-moulded styles, which keep you feeling secure and simply disappear under fitted tops and dresses – a-bra-cada-bra!

No straps…no problem! Have the freedom to wear whatever you want and feel secure – read more in our guide to strapless bras for big boobs.


Comfort, lounge and sportswear styles for big busts

From working out at the gym to relaxing at home, those of us with big boobs sometimes want a bit more support. Read on to find how you can feel confident and secure whether you’re getting active…or getting comfy!

Support without wires? Yes, really! Wireless bras are a comfortable choice for Bravissimo girls for relaxing or sleeping. Specialist bras for big busts including maternity, nursing and post-surgery bras are often non-wired, too.


We launched our sleep bra in 2017 after lots of Bravissimo girls got in touch to say they wanted to snooze with support! Some big-boobed women feel more comfortable wearing a bra to bed because it means that their boobs stay ‘in place’ while they relax and sleep.

Bralettes that offer the coverage and support that those of us with big boobs look for. From athleisure-inspired crop tops to a pretty lace styles, find a bralette that you feel confident and amazing in – we love to give you options Bravissimo girls!


Beat the bounce and go for it! Whatever the activity, our collection of sports bras for big boobs means nothing is off-limits! From high-impact HIIT workouts, to low-impact stretching on the yoga mat, you can find the bra that's right for you and the activity you're doing in our Sports Bra Style Guide.


Discover bras for big boobs that uplift you in every way!

If you’d like any more help choosing the best bra for you or if you have any other questions, we’d love to help. You can pop in and see us in one of our shops or chat to our friendly fitters on 01926 459 859 or via Live Chat on our website.