What is a Sleep Bra?

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Should you wear a bra to bed?

We have been asked, “should you wear a bra to bed?” and the honest answer is… it’s totally up to you! Whether you choose to sleep in a bra (or not) is entirely your choice. We’re not here to say whether it’s good (or bad!) to sleep in a bra, or whether wearing a sleep bra will make your boobs ‘perkier’ or prevent sagging. What we can say (based on feedback form Bravissimo girls) is that lots of big-boobed women enjoy feeling a little more secure while they lounge or snooze and wearing supportive sleepwear or a sleep bra helps them feel more comfortable and confident whether that’s catching some zzzzs or answering the door to the mail man!

Are sleep bras necessary?

Lots of big-boobed women feel more comfortable wearing a sleep bra because it means that their boobs stay a bit more ‘in place’. Read on to find out a little more about the history of the sleep bra and about the styles that we offer.

Who invented the sleep bra and why?

The history of the sleep bra goes back to 2017 when we had lots of requests from Bravissimo girls who loved our nightwear with built-in support and really wanted a long sleeved PJ top with an integral bra. We couldn’t find a way to make it work, but thought we could make a long sleeve top with more room up top and a separate sleep bra and VOILA – the idea of the sleep bra was born.

What is a sleep bra?

A sleep bra pretty much does what it says on the tin! It’s a non-wired bra that is super comfortable to sleep in!

The Racerback Sleep Bra launched in 2017 and it sold out almost straight away! We were not anticipating that so many Bravissimo girls would want to wear a bra to bed! The feedback that we received about the sleep bra was unprecedented with lots of big-boobed women getting in touch to say that you weren’t just wearing the sleep bra to sleep in, but it was also really comfortable to wear around the house and for lounging and travelling too!

Padded Sleep Bra

Others got in touch to say that they loved the idea of having a bra to sleep in, and requested a sleep bra with a bra back – so along came the Padded Sleep Bra which opens completely at the back – just like a normal bra.

Non-padded Sleep Bra

The next sleep bra update – thanks to Bravissimo girls’ feedback - was to create a sleep bra without any extra padding (which is a great option for wearing in the warmer weather!) The Non-Padded Sleep Bra was our first ‘single sized’ sleep bra (previous versions had been dual sized – which meant that each bra covered two cup sizes).

Molded Sleep Bra

The latest sleep bra to join the (slumber) party is the Molded Sleep Bra which has seam-free cups with a panel in the middle to prevent your boobs escaping in the middle of the night!

So, should I wear a bra to bed?

Here at Bravissimo we’ve always been about giving you options, so you have the freedom to choose. We’d never tell you what you should wear – only you know what works for you and your boobs!

We’re continuing to source and develop options that work for big-boobed women, so watch this space, and keep telling us what you think about our sleep bras because we can’t do this without you!

If you have any questions about our sleep bras (or anything else!) please get in touch using the links below – we love to hear from you!