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How to choose the right bra for your wedding day

You’re getting married! We’ve got two things we’d like to say. Firstly, congratulations! And secondly, we’re here to help you to choose what to wear under your wedding dress! As Bravissimo girls, we understand that choosing wedding lingerie can be a tough decision. The last thing you want to be thinking about when you’re tying the knot is your bra and whether everything is going to stay in place!

Our guide to bridal lingerie will help you decide what styles are best for your wedding dress, as well as covering all the under-the-dress essentials to make sure you look and feel uplifted and fabulous on your big day.


do you wear bras with wedding dresses?

Whether you wear bra with a wedding dress or not depends on your dress and how you feel most comfortable. Many wedding dresses are now designed with integral bra support so depending on what you choose to wear, you may find that you don’t actually need to wear a bra at all (not a situation we Bravissimo girls are usually familiar with!).

However, many Bravissimo girls will choose to wear bridal lingerie for support, and if that applies to you, we recommend that you start thinking about what to wear under your wedding dress as early as possible.

when should I buy my wedding underwear?

Our first tip for Bravissimo girls who are tying the knot is please don’t leave finding underwear for your wedding day until the last minute. We recommend that you think about your choice of bridal lingerie from the start, so you don’t have any panics trying to find underwear that works under your wedding dress at the eleventh hour!

We also advise that you check you’re wearing the right bra size before you begin shopping for dresses – that way you’ll can feel fabulous and supported long before your big day arrives. Check out our guide to wearing the right bra size for help, or head into one of our stores for a bra fitting (our bra fitting experts are some of the best in the business!)

What underwear should I wear wedding dress shopping

While you may want to wait until you’ve chosen your dress to decide on your underwear for the big day, wearing the right bra for wedding dress shopping can make a real difference in how they fit and feel. We recommend wearing a skin-coloured supportive strapless bra, so no matter the style of dress, you’ll get a good idea of the final look on the day.


What bra style should I choose to go under my wedding dress?

Choosing a bra for your wedding day depends a lot on the style of your dress. Different bras are not only various shapes, but can also position your boobs quite differently and trying to find the best bra for a strapless, backless, plunge or mermaid dress isn’t always easy. What’s ideal is starting with your bra so you can try different dresses with it and marry (sorry!) your underwear and outerwear so they are a great partnership.


Guide:Plunge bras

Plunge dress = plunge bra! Plunge styles work really well under low cut dresses as there’s no pesky lines peeking out over the top and many big-boobed women find that the low centre wires in a plunge are super comfy too – hooray! Styles like the Niya bra or the Satine bra are also great for showing off a bit of cleavage – why not highlight what for many of us is one of our best assets?!



No straps, no problem! If you have a strapless wedding dress, a spaghetti strap dress or a wedding dress with a lace panel at the top you might want to wear a strapless bra. The Luxe Strapless bra will keep you secure while you show off your shoulders (yes really!) and if you’re looking for a strapless style with a touch of luxe, check out the Refined Glamour Ultimate Strapless – who said Bravissimo girls can't have it all – not us! If you prefer the support of straps, but want them to go incognito, why not try a multi-way bra such as the Evie strapless and attach clear straps?



Seam-free bras simply disappear under your dress – a-bra-cada-bra! They give a super smooth line, so they’re a good choice if you’re wondering what to wear under a mermaid wedding dress. Styles such as Deco are seam-free (or molded) which means the cups are a fixed shape, but for those of us who don’t ‘fit the mold’, we also have styles like the Elise bra which are constructed with barely-there seams to offer the same smooth silhouette.

what is the best bra for backless or low-back wedding dress?

If your dress is a little lower at the back (or maybe it’s got no back at all!) and you’re wondering what to wear so your bra straps won’t show, you can try a Low-back bra converter. It attaches to the hook and eye on your own bra and wraps around you, attaching again in a lower position at the front. Sorcery…!

Learn more about how to adapt your underwear for different dress styles in our guide to bra solutions.

what about shapewear?

Some women love the confidence that shapewear gives them and wear it every day. For others, it comes into its own when you’re wearing more fitted or sheer styles and you want a smoother silhouette - it could be a great option when you’re wondering what’s best to wear under a mermaid dress. Wear Your Own Bra Body is a great option for Bravissimo girls as it gives a really smooth line and gives you the flexibility to wear whichever bra you choose – hooray! Shapewear may not be the most glamourous underwear for your big day but it’s how you feel that’s important and if it helps you feel great, what’s not to love about that? Shop our shapewear collection here.


what color bra to wear under my wedding dress?

Some brides choose to match their underwear to the color of their dress, but the choice is yours. Depending on the material of your dress and your skin tone, a white or ivory bra could be quite visible so a color that’s a closer match to your skin tone may be a better choice, especially under delicate or lace dresses.

wedding ‘belles’

It’s our mission to help you to feel confident and amazing and we’re here to support you with underwear advice so you can feel fabulous on your special day. This doesn’t stop at Bravissimo brides – we’re here for the big-boobed bridesmaids and mothers of the bride and groom too! Why not come and see us in one of our shops and get fitted together?

If you have any questions about what to wear under your wedding outfit (or anything else!) please get in touch – we love to help!