what is a wireless bra?

the myths debusted!


A wireless bra is (drumroll, please!) … a bra without wires! Whether you call them non-wired, wire-free, or soft cup bras, the thing that all wireless bras have in common is they support your boobs without using underwires.

You might be wondering why you would choose a wireless bra? There are lots of reasons why big-boobed women want to add non-wired styles to their bra-dobe. The bralette trend isn’t going anywhere and lots of Bravissimo girls tell us that they like the feeling of going wire free as it can be really comfortable - especially for relaxing or sleeping. Some women wear wireless bras for the first time when they’re pregnant or nursing or after surgery.

We’re often asked if it’s better to wear an underwired bra when you have big boobs and we're here to say that Bravissimo girls can wear wireless bras too! The main difference between wireless and underwired bras is that bras with underwire separate your boobs and give a rounded and upfront look, and they can provide a little more support. That said, there are supportive wireless options too in our collection of non wired bras. Read on to find out more.


do wireless bras give support?

Yes, wireless bras do give support and we’re here to ‘bust’ the myth that no wires = no support! Although a wireless bra may give less support than an underwired bra, if your non-wired bra fits you well (get in touch or check out our bra fitting guide if you’re not sure) it will provide support. The level of coverage and the type of fabric makes a difference to how supportive your bra is. Royce bras are all wireless and they use firm fabric and provide lots of coverage, so you can feel super secure. If you’re looking for a supportive sports bra without underwires, check out our range of non-wired sports bras. These styles work on the principal of compression - they hold your boobs close to your chest – so you can beat the bounce and go for it!

is it better to wear a wireless bra?

There are times when we would suggest that it’s better to wear a wireless bra. The Maisie bra is a non-wired bra that’s designed especially for women who have had a mastectomy, partial mastectomy or lumpectomy and it has built-in pockets suitable for a prothesis. Some pregnant women find that ditching underwires for a while and wearing a wireless maternity bra is more comfortable when they’re expecting, and many nursing bras are non-wired, too. Lots of Bravissimo girls tell us that they wear wireless bras when they’re lounging, and our sleep bras are all non-wired which means you can feel a bit more secure while you sleep or relax.


when would you wear a wireless bra?

You can wear a wireless bra whenever you want! As well as being a popular choice for lounging, styles like the Zara bralette and the Jade bralette are pretty and practical for every day! If you’re looking for something that gives a smooth line under clothes why not try the Deco non-wired bra – a molded T-shirt bra without wires. You can even beat the bounce and work out wire-free in the Panache non-wired sports bra. There are lots of wire-free options for Bravissimo girls and although it’s impossible to say whether it’s better to wear a wireless bra (only you can decide that!) we’re here to help you to navigate the choice and work out the styles that will work well for you!

how do you fit a wireless bra?

The good news is that you fit a wireless bra in a very similar way to how you fit an underwired bra. Follow our guide checking that the back band is firm and that your boobs are fully encased in the cups. Some wireless bras are sized slightly differently. The Padded sleep bra is double sized (which means each size covers two cup sizes) and some styles like the Sugar Candy bra use small, medium and large. You can work out which size will fit you using the size grid and if you have any questions please get in touch – we’d love to help!

so, what’s the best support bra without underwires?

Now you’re armed with lots of knowledge about bras without underwires, you can make that decision for yourself! Why not have a browse of our collection of wireless bras and see which one (or ones!) take your fancy? If you’d like any more help about which styles or sizes to try, please do get in touch – our friendly fitters are on hand seven days a week and they love to help! You can call us on 01926 459 859, chat to us via Live Chat or pop into one of our shops any time for a fitting.