Our Sports bra style guide: Feel ready to tackle any workout!

What is a sports bra?

A sports bra is a bra that offers all the support you’re looking for when you’re exercising. Different sports bras are great for all kinds of activities, depending on the level of support you need. From low impact sports like yoga to high impact exercise like running - we're here to help you find your feel-good sports fit so you're ready to tackle whatever workout you want!

All our sports bras are designed especially for those of us blessed with bigger boobs, so whether you’re stretching into downward dog or training for a marathon, we’re here to support you and give you an extra ‘boost’ for the year ahead!


How should a sports bra fit?

Lots of people find that sports bras can sometimes fit quite differently to your regular bra. If you’re unsure about your sports bra size, we’re here to support you to discover your feel-good sports fit! Whether you’d prefer to pop into one of our shops for a sports bra fitting or use our handy sports bra style guide – there’s lots of options to find your sports bra size that works for you. Here’s a little bit more about what works hard ‘behind the seams’ of our sports bras…

Sports bras are designed to hold your boobs close to your chest so that there’s minimal movement when you’re exercising. This means the underband can feel a little tighter than a regular bra - but your sports bra should still feel comfortable enough to wear all day (if you want to!). They tend to have a wider back band, thicker straps and more coverage than a regular bra to keep it feeling comfortable and so that there’s extra support while you’re exercising. The fabric used for sports bras has minimal stretch to reduce jiggle, and some sports bras have quick-drying fabric so that it draws any moisture away from you and – more importantly – keeps you feeling cool whilst you workout.

If you’re trying on a sports bra to test out the sports bra size and want to make sure it’s “the one”, why not try the ‘Jump Test’! Have a jump around, a bit of a wiggle, do some high knees or downward dogs and make sure that you feel confident and supported in your style of choice! This works whether you’re at home, or in one of our fitting rooms – some of our fitters might even join in!



How to choose a sports bra?

Choosing the right sports bra for you depends on what you’ll be doing when you wear it. There are options for high impact and low impact sports and, as with all bras, what fits and feels good for one person may be different to someone else. So, how do you choose a sports bra? There are a few things you can look out for when choosing the right sports bra for you.

1. What sports will you be doing?

Think about what activities you’ll be doing and the impact it’ll have on your boobs. A high impact sports bra such as the Inspire High Impact Crop Sports Bra, is a good choice for running as your boobs are held firmly to your chest to minimise any jiggle. If you’ll be doing yoga, you could try a sports bra like the Flow Sports Bra which offers lighter support, so that you feel comfy and free to breath as you stretch.

2. What sports bra is best for high impact sports?

We believe at Bravissimo that no activity is off limits and our big-boobed community can do high impact sports, too – we just need support and an extra ‘boost’! High impact sports like running or horse-riding can cause a lot of bounce, so choosing a compression sports bra like the Astrid Sports Bra is essential to keep everything in place - beat the bounce and go for it!


Types of sports bra

Different sports bras suit different people, as well as different activities. Our collection includes lots of different types of sports bras, so you can choose a style that feels comfortable and secure as well as supportive - no activity is off limits!



Wires give a sports bra structure, so you may feel more secure, particularly if you’re used to wearing underwired bras every day. An underwired style will also give a more defined and separated shape compared to non-wired styles.



If you prefer non-wired styles, we’ve got you covered. Non-wired sports bras tend to be made from firmer fabric with minimal stretch and they work on the basis of compression, which reduces the jiggle while you run, jump or dance!


Guide:High Impact

Whether you’re at a fitness bootcamp, skipping in the garden or dancing in the kitchen, our high impact sports bras will help you beat the bounce, keeping you feeling supported and comfortable. Bravissimo girls – we’ve got you covered!



Lots of you find that racerback styles feel more secure. Some of the standard styles we offer also have a clip on the straps, which enables you to make it into a racerback if you’d prefer to.



Looking for support when swimming? All of our swimwear is bra sized so will offer all the support Bravissimo girls look for. There are both underwired and non-wired sports swimsuit options, so you can choose which you’d prefer!


We're here to help you find a great-fitting sports bra and the sports bra size you feel most confident in so you can beat the bounce and go for it!

We know that sports bras can fit a little differently to regular bras so we're here to help you find a style and size that will work well for you. Our friendly fitters know lots about the different sports bras we offer - whether it's for a yoga class or a marathon we've got you covered!

You can call us on +1 877 826 3857 (we’re open 7 days a week), come and see us at our New York shop, or chat to us via Live Chat!


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