sports bras style guide




Who said Bravissimo girls can’t be active because we’ve got big boobs? Not us - we just need good support! Because the bounce factor is higher for us big-boobed girls, a good sports bra is essential for keeping everything in place.

We’re really pleased to offer lots of options for Bravissimo girls, so if you want to be active, we say go for it!


Choosing a sports bra

Sports bras work on the principle of holding your boobs close to your ribcage for maximum hold and minimum movement. They need to have a wider back and thicker straps and they’re often more covering than a normal bra for extra support and comfort. The fabric used for sports bras has minimal stretch to reduce jiggle, and some fabric is quick-drying so that it draws any moisture away from you.

Our collection includes wired and non-wired options - as with all bras, what suits one person may not be so good for another and it also depends on the activity that you’re doing. So how do you know which one to try? Take a look below to learn more about the different sports bra styles that are available – we hope this helps you to work out what might work best for you.

If you need more help finding a style that makes you feel fantastic - you can chat to our friendly and experienced fitters over the phone or via LiveChat!


Types of Sports Bra


No activity is off-limits for Bravissimo girls with our range of supportive sports bras. Wires give the sports bra structure and keep the fabric that supports you in place, so you may feel more secure, particularly if you’re used to wearing underwired bras every day. An underwired style will give you a defined and separated shape which you may prefer compared to non-wired styles (which work more on the basis of compression of your boobs).


Beat the bounce and go for it! If you prefer non-wired styles, we’ve got you covered. Non-wired sports bras tend to be made from fabric with minimal stretch which will feel firmer. You will be less separated in a non-wired bra as they work on the basis of compression which reduces the jiggle while you run, jump or dance!


Racerback styles are popular as many Bravissimo girls find them more secure and comfortable. Some of the standard styles we offer also have a clip on the straps which enable you to make it into a racer back if preferred.