What is a plunge bra?

the myths debusted!


What is a plunge bra?

Plunge bras are low cut at the centre so they’re a great option under plunging necklines. Plunge bras offer less coverage (but no less support!) so they’re a great option for Bravissimo girls especially under lower-cut necklines. The cups on a plunge bra are angled (rather than straight across on a balcony or full cup bra) and the straps tend to sit wider on your shoulders as they join at the edge of the cups. When you wear a plunge bra under a lower-cut outfit, your bra won’t show – hooray!

Some people think that all plunge bras are padded but you can get padded styles, such as the Satine bra, and non-padded styles, like the Elise bra - the thing all plunge bras have in common is a lower centre front. Padding doesn’t necessarily mean bulk either - the padding is there to give a rounded shape and a smooth look (as well as an extra job of nipple coverage!).

You might be wondering, what does a plunge bra do? Plunge bras offer uplift and a rounded look, and they create a deep V shape which really makes the most of your fabulous cleavage. Plunge bras offer a little less coverage than balcony and full cup styles, but our range of plunge bras offer great support and lift, and you shouldn’t ‘spill out’ of the cups, if your bra fits you well.

What is the purpose of a plunge bra?

What are the benefits of a plunge bra?

  • Plunge bras are supportive, even for those of us blessed with bigger boobs!

  • Plunge bras provide lift and make a V shape which makes the most of your fabulous cleavage – hooray!

  • The angled cups and lower centre mean that plunge bras disappear under lower cut outfits and plunging dresses and tops – a-bra-cada-bra!

  • The wires on plunge bras are much lower in the centre, so they work well for people who find bras with higher wires dig in or feel uncomfortable.

  • There are lots of different types of plunge bras so they suit lots of different shapes


When should you wear plunge bras?

Plunge bras work well with so many outfits, so the honest answer is that you can wear them with anything that makes you feel confident and amazing! Plunge bras are perfect partners for lower necklines as the low centre front and wider-set straps mean they are the perfect bra to wear under plunging dresses and tops as they simply disappear! Some styles, such as the Amber Lace bra or Superboost Lace bra, even have slightly thinner straps to give you lots of outfit options – hooray! But it doesn’t need to stop there – plunge bras give great shape and uplift and lots of Bravissimo girls find that they are a comfortable and supportive option for lots of other outfits, too! Some women choose to wear plunge bras as their everyday go-to style because they find that the lower centre wires are more comfortable than styles with a deeper centre front. The Porcelain Elan Plunge bra could be a great option as it’s seamless, so it gives a totally smooth line under any fitted tops. Whether you want to wear your plunge bra with a special outfit, or want to wear one every day of the week, plunge bras are a great option to have in your bra-drobe!

Are you ready to ‘take the plunge’?!

Bravissimo girls can wear plunge bras too! Some people think that big boobs and plunge bras don’t mix, but we’re here to bust that myth! Plunge bras can be super supportive for those of us blessed with big boobs and comfortable too so they’re a great go-to bra to wear under any outfit.

Why not take look at all of our plunge bras and see which one (or ones!) take your fancy? You shouldn’t spill out of a plunge style if it fits you well. If you’d like any help about what styles or sizes might work well for you, please do get in touch – it’s our mission to help you feel confident and amazing.