Our Suppliers and Manufacturers

Own brand Bravissimo suppliers

We have a very strong relationship with our suppliers and factories – we truly see them as an extension of the Bravissimo family. We want to continue to be super transparent about how our factories and suppliers operate so we continue to make sure that they are audited and accredited so that we can ensure that ethical and social needs, as well as the working environment, of the people within the factories are upheld and protected. We require all suppliers to each make an assurance and commitment to us that they and their factories are working to the Ethical Trading Initiatives Base Code. Additionally, we receive full Ethical Trade Audits for all factories who manufacture Bravissimo goods - you can read more about our ethical policy here.

We champion paying our factory and garment workers a fair and ethical wage, this is why the cost of our products is slightly higher as this is a major factor, as well as using high quality and long-lasting fabrics and components across our ranges.

Throughout our supply chain we nominate specific fabric suppliers to be sourced and these are all accredited too to ensure that they are also following ethical production. Again, we have super great relationships across our supply chain and work closely with all our suppliers to maintain a high level of compliancy with ethical trading initiatives.


Own brand factories

All our own brand factories use fully solar powered energy throughout the factory, which is really amazing to see that no fossil fuel-based energy is use here, which has a real positive impact on our carbon footprint.

We have limited waste in our factories; a lot of our factories use reusable material bags from older fabrics instead of plastic bags. Some of the factories use compact waste machines to optimise space (with fewer trips to the tip!) which means less CO2 emissions. In Thailand, our factories reuse every part of waste from our bras to make rugs, oven mitts and dusters and all donations go to back into their community to local schools. In Sri Lanka, our factories have set up a charity to support and address issues on Child Welfare, drought and flood relief in their local community.

At our head office we produce all of our own brand samples within our dedicated sample room and we work to use minimal fabric and reduce sample waste, through ways that we cut our fabrics, how we produce the samples and how we reuse and strip down old samples to repurpose for new ones. Making lots of our samples through our sample room within our head office also minuses the emissions that we use as we don’t need to buy in lots of samples. Also, when we test samples we do this through physical testing rather than putting them through a washing machine for testing, which saves on water waste. Instead of using plastic bags, all of our fabric offcuts are put into fabric bags to be recycled through our partnership with SOEX or given to schools within the local area on our Leamington Spa based head office to repurpose for projects.