Ethical Trading

As a retailer selling lingerie, swimwear, nightwear and clothing, our stock is made all over the world and often in countries and communities in the developing world. Each country is different and we respect different cultural perspectives and laws while also ensuring that collectively all factories manufacturing for Bravissimo are working to a set of minimum acceptable standards, which should be exceeded where possible.


Bravissimo requires all suppliers to each make an assurance and commitment to us that they and their factories are working to the Ethical Trading Initiatives Base Code. Additionally, we receive full Ethical Trade Audit’s for all factories who manufacture Bravissimo goods every 2 years. We also agree with our suppliers before trading with them that we reserve the right to visit and audit any workplace involved in producing our products.

We make it clear to everyone we work with that compliance with the code is an essential part of working with Bravissimo. We expect any issues to be dealt with quickly and effectively and if we are not completely satisfied with a supplier or factories attitude or response, ultimately we may cease trading with them.