Bravissimo's Gender pay gap report

Company gender pay analysis

Percentage of men and women in each pay quartile

Top quartile11.1%88.9%
Upper middle quartile6.8%93.2%
Lower middle quartile2.4%97.6%
Lower quartile3.9%96.1%

Proportion of employees receiving extra ‘bonus’ payments: 0.8% of women, 0% of men.

Women’s hourly rate is 29.9% lower than men’s (mean)
Women’s hourly rate is 13.7% lower than men’s (median)


Bravissimo is a company that is predominantly run by women. 94% of our employees are women, our CEO is a woman, all of our eight leadership team members are women, and the vast majority of our management roles are filled by women. Given that we are a women-led company, the gender pay gap numbers might seem surprising. Our gender pay gap percentages at Bravissimo are volatile due to the relatively small number of Bravissimo employees that are men, so a small number of male joiners or leavers can have a big impact on our gender pay gap figures. Our gender pay gap has reduced over the past couple of years, however the reason there is still a gap is that in many of our roles, employees are required to work directly with our customers, fitting them in bras and swimwear. The law allows employers to specify gender for this type of role for reasons of privacy and decency, and because of this, these roles in Bravissimo are only done by women. 74% of our job roles fall into this category and are ‘women only’, with the other 26% able to be done by either men or women. There are roles requiring bra fitting at all pay levels of the business, but the greatest number of these roles are at the lower pay levels. The roles that men are eligible to do are also at all pay levels of the business, but there are fewer roles in the lower pay levels. The gender pay gap in the overall results is not because we employ fewer women in management and leadership roles, it is because we don’t employ men to do bra fitting.