Diversity & Inclusion

Our Pledge

We are committed to doing better to be more diverse as an organisation, representative of our Black community, and all of our wonderful Bravissimo community, and making an active stand against all forms of racism. This will be done through systemic change.

We will updating this page as we progress to be transparent and open in our actions, as you can read below…

Our Updates

To make true lasting change you need to start with the foundations. These are our first actions.

We have collected diversity data – with headlines as below…

Whole Organisation - Ethnicity%
Asian/Asian British3%
Black/African/Caribbean/Black British5%
Mixed/Multiple ethnic groups4%
Other ethnic group1%
Prefer not to say/doesn't apply1%
Leadership Team - Ethnicity%
Asian/Asian British2%
Black/African/Caribbean/Black British5%
Mixed/Multiple ethnic groups3%
Other ethnic group<1%
Whole Organisation - Gender%
Female Cisgender88%
Male Cisgender6%
None of these apply to me/prefer not to say4%
Leadership Team - Gender%
Female Cisgender90%
Male Cisgender6%
None of these apply to me/prefer not to say2%

This information will help us focus on where change is needed, working with our formed Diversity & Inclusion committee, a team of 17 people across all areas of our business.

The Diversity & Inclusion committee is working to hold us all to account in supporting diversity and being more representative in all we do: including, but not only, marketing and models, product ranging, recruitment and team diversity.

  • We will have this page on our website where our teams and our customers can see data, actions, outcomes and progress as it’s made.

  • Bras are no longer labelled under the term “nude” in any of our shops or online channels. These “skin tone bras” will now have a name appropriate to their shade – e.g. latte, cinnamon etc. We recognise this is a first step in a positive change to more representation of range, as we are working internally on longer term change with our branded suppliers to influence both language and the range of products/colours available for our customers.

  • Some of our customers have asked what our policies and position on sustainability and supply chain are, which can be found here. Like with all we do, we constantly review and update them.