Modern Slavery Statement

At Bravissimo we have a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery. We are committed to preventing slavery and human trafficking throughout our operations and supply chains. This Modern Slavery Statement explains how we do this.

The factories and suppliers we use

We offer a variety of brands as well as our own-label Bravissimo products, to provide big-boobed women with as much choice as possible.

We don’t own any of the factories that we use, but we have strong relationships with all of the factories we work with. The factories we work with are all audited and accredited for full transparency which is exceptionally important to us so that we can ensure the environmental, ethical and social needs of the people within the factories are upheld and protected. We require all suppliers to each make an assurance and commitment to us that they and their factories are working to the ETI (Ethical Trade Initiative) Code of Conduct. This ensures that all suppliers are:

• Operating with freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
• Treating all their workers fairly and with equality
• Giving fair, legal wages to all workers in the form of money (not credit)
• Giving workers fair working hours that are in line with local laws
• Not forcing labour or allowing any inhumane treatment
• Ensuring the workers general safety and wellbeing at work

Additionally, we receive full Ethical Trade Audits for all factories who manufacture Bravissimo goods - you can read more about our ethical policy here.
We agree with our suppliers before trading with them that we reserve the right to visit and audit any workplace involved in producing our products if we have concerns.

Selecting suppliers to work with

It’s really important to us that all our relationships throughout our supply chain are built on strong ethics, mutual trust and truthfulness.

Our supplier selection and on-boarding process includes the following:

For our Bravissimo own-label products:
We only agree to work with accredited factories, whose accreditation is renewed every two years. The accreditations are recognised worldwide and certify that they are working in line with local laws and workplace regulations, ensuring health and safety and environmental practices are in place to protect their staff.

Before we place any orders with a new supplier, we send them our policies and all the details of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) and we ask them to sign to confirm that they are in agreement and working in line with this.

To help us ensure our standards are being met, once our first order is placed and production starts we visit them and carry out an audit and risk assessment. Our audits and assessments would highlight if further controls needed to be put in place at the factory for it to meet our required standards. If we were to find that there were extra controls needed, the factory would need to agree to put these in place to continue working with us. This would be done through a Corrective Action Plan, which we would issue with a set deadline – asking them to prove to us that the issue has been rectified by this point.

Once we are happy with how our supplier is operating after our first audit, all future audits are then completed between the supplier and an independent accreditor. These audits happen yearly and ensure best practice and corporate social responsibility.

We also have Bravissimo employees visiting the factories throughout the year on business, and they are educated on what the factory should look like and how it should be operating. All our employees who visit know that if anything doesn’t appear as expected, they must report concerns back to Bravissimo immediately so fast action can be taken.

For all the brands we stock:
We only agree to work with brands who work in line with our policies and the ETI. Therefore, before we place any orders, as part of the supplier set-up process we send them information on our social and ethical requirements which include all the details of the ETI. We then ask them to sign to confirm they agree and are already working in line with this.

The brands are also obliged to complete their own Risk Assessment yearly and to put in place controls based on the results of their risk assessment.

If there are any changes to our social and ethical requirements we would re-issue the updated information to the brand for them to read and sign in order to continue working with us.

Our April 2021 position

We haven't been made aware of any allegations of modern slavery within Bravissimo or our wider supply chain. We maintain our commitment to delivering products that have been produced in safe and clean working conditions, through fair and honest relationships, and without exploiting the people who make them.

Bravissimo experienced a significant impact from the global pandemic (COVID–19), with last year’s sales severely lower than our financial plans as a result of the impact of shop closures and restrictions to daily life which had a knock on effect to sales in many of our product areas. Emergency plans were put into place with the aim of getting Bravissimo through this challenging period, and we worked in partnership with all our suppliers to rephase stock and agree payment plans to ensure that Bravissimo could pay for everything that was committed. These actions ensured that Bravissimo can continue to be here today for our customers, our employees, and our suppliers. Throughout this challenging period, we worked in full partnership with our suppliers and acted with honesty and transparency as we navigated the pandemic together.

Despite the inability to visit our overseas suppliers last year as a result of global travel bans, we maintained our annual third party audits (Sedex, BSCI ) to ensure best practices were being followed for social responsibility, and that activities in our supply chain remained aligned with our code of conduct, mitigating any risk or concern including modern slavery.

These audits were carried out independently, with factory site tours and workers interviews followed by a full audit document review and all information shared with Bravissimo. Any instances of non-compliance were resolved in a timely manner to plan on the associated risk of concern.

The health and safety of our employees and of the workers within our supply chain remains of paramount important to us during the pandemic. Over the past year we have put in place additional communication and “beyond audit” processes with our suppliers to ensure we are regularly checking in on the safety measures in place and requesting photographic evidence of COVID safe working environments in the factories, and of the transport to and from workplaces to support the health of the workers. We also request regular status updates of production stability for the interests of labour and workers regular income.

Key actions in place within our supply base in respect of COVID safety:

• Washing stations on factory entrance and regular intervals
• Temperature checks on entrance
• Workstations distanced
• Staggered lunchtimes and working times to avoid crowds
• Face masks for all workers
• Increased workers transport for distancing
• Transparency in Workers’ pay status on Covid absence.
• Transparency in awareness of external factors of government plans and support

Next Steps

Bravissimo are committed to continuing to address and minimise the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking within our business and supply chain. Bravissimo teams will continue support our suppliers and factories to grow our working relationship and involvement with our supply base, and plan to resume our first hand audit schedule as priority as soon as it is safe and advisable for our teams to travel and our overseas partners to welcome us without risk or concern to either party. As ever, any areas for concern will be addressed with corrective actions and increased audit and contact with the aim of growing and nurturing longstanding partnerships.