SECR Report

SECR stands for Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting and requires organisations to report energy and carbon emissions in their annual report. This is our first year of SECR reporting and it is unlikely to be a representative year for Bravissimo Ltd. COVID-19 restrictions have meant a reliance on home working for many of our head office staff and temporary closure of shops during part of the year. Moving forward we therefore expect our emissions to increase as the COVID-19 restrictions begin to be lifted, however as these restrictions lift we also have projects starting again to improve energy efficiency across our sites.

Report period covered 01 Nov 2019 – 31 Oct 2020.


Scope 1 - This covers all direct emissions from the actitivies at Bravissimo that are under our own control, including fuel combustion at our site such as gas boilers fleet vehicles and air-conditioning leaks.

Scope 2 - This covers indirect emissions from purchased electricity, steam, heating and cooling consumed by Bravissimo.

Scope 3 - Includes all other indirect emissions that are produced within our value chain and wider organisation, for example our employees' use of their own vehicles for work purposes and commuting.