how to care for yourBRAS, SWIMWEAR & CLOTHING

Underwired garments

All underwired garments need the same care when washing – this includes bras, swimwear and strappy tops! We advise that you hand wash these items as machine washing can shrink the fabric, misshape the wires and cause them to push through the fabric.

If the wires come out of the garment completely they can cause considerable damage to your washing machine, which can be costly to fix. Good news for your repair man, but definitely not for you!

We also advise that you dry your underwired garments away from direct heat, as radiators and tumble dryers can also damage and degrade the wires.


You can prolong the life of your swimwear and help protect it against the damaging effects of chlorine, perspiration and suntan lotion by rinsing it out in cool water immediately after you have used it. You should avoid using fabric conditioner as this breaks down Lycra and degrades swimwear.

Metal beads and trims can become very hot when exposed to direct sunlight or worn in a sauna so please take care.


To keep your underwear in tiptop condition, we advise that you hand wash it. It's best to use cool water when you are hand washing as hot water can damage delicate fabrics like lace, embroidery, bindings and elastic. Using cool water will help keep the garments' colour and will prevent white fabrics from going grey.

Clothing & Nightwear

Most of our clothing and nightwear is machine washable. To keep your clothing and nightwear in the best condition, always follow the washing and ironing instructions on the label inside the garment.

Strappy Tops

All our jersey strappy tops have a built in underwired bra and a cotton elastane outer so we advise you hand wash using a mild non-biological detergent, to ensure that colours remain bright, and line dry to keep the garments in good shape and prevent shrinkage. To keep your strappy top in the best condition always follow the washing, drying and ironing instructions on the label.