How to wear a vest top with a built-in bra?

Our guide to hidden support!

Wearing vest tops with built-in bras means you can feel secure and supported in a cami without needing to wear a separate bra. Sewn inside each tank top is an underwired bra, so you can wave goodbye to double straps and feel totally supported – win, win!

What is a vest top with built in bra?

There’s more to our vest tops than meets the eye. Underneath the cotton camisole there’s a full bra (complete with a hook and eye fastening) so you get all the benefits of bra-sized underwired support, without a double strap situation. This two-in-one design came about thanks to requests from Bravissimo girls who wanted to wear strappy tops but didn’t want their bra straps to show. Our first cami was launched in 2009 and we’ve continued to develop it based on your feedback. As well as the original non-padded vest top with built-in bra there’s now a slightly padded vest top with built-in bra (which is great if you’re looking for a smoother shape or extra nipple coverage) and more recently, this strappy top with bra support which has wider straps.


How to style vest tops with built-in bras?

Wondering what to wear when you have big boobs that gives you enough coverage or doesn’t show off your bra is something that many of us Bravissimo girls can relate to (especially when it gets to summer!). While our smaller-chested sisters are rocking camis with barely-there straps, we’re left wondering what bra to wear with a spaghetti strap top. The good news is that we can wear strappy tops too – without wearing a separate bra underneath (gasp!) - so instead of wondering IF we can wear thin strap tops, we can concentrate on when and how to style them – yay!

How to style a vest top in summer

A vest top with a built-in bra comes into its own in the summer – it’s a suitcase staple for lots of Bravissimo girls. You can style a tank top with your summer wardrobe for an easy-to-throw-on holiday look. We also have a selection of woven cami tops which don’t have built-in bras, but do have more room for your boobs and perfectly positioned thicker straps to cover your bra – we love to give you options!

How to style a vest top in winter

Vest tops aren’t restricted to a warm weather wardrobe. When it gets colder, you can layer a supportive cami underneath a jumper or shirt and vest tops with support built in work as a good base layer to wear under sheer tops and blouses, too. Sometimes, you might want a little more cleavage-coverage under V-necks and our bra-sized vest tops are a great option for this.

Can you wear a vest top as loungewear?

It’s said that there’s nothing quite like taking your bra off at the end of the day, but for those of us with more up top, sometimes it’s more comfortable to have your bra on while you relax. You can breathe a (fully supported!) sigh of relief in our vest tops and have the freedom to lounge, dance round the kitchen or open the door to the delivery driver – without having to worry what ‘the girls’ are up to!

Bravissimo girl Sarah shared her strappy top styling tips with us – we’d love to see yours too! You can tag us on social media @LoveBravissimo or email us .


Can I wear a cami instead of a bra?

Wearing a regular camisole instead of a bra is something outside the realms of the possible (or certainly the comfortable…!) for some women with bigger boobs, but our vest tops with built-in bras mean that Bravissimo girls can get the look of a strappy top, with the comfort and support of a built-in underwired bra. Who said that women with bigger boobs can’t wear a camisole by itself – not us!

Kiss goodbye to double straps!
You can browse our range of vest tops here and if you have any questions about our how our vest tops with built-in bras fit, check out our bra fitting guide or get in touch with our fitters via live chat, email or call 01926 459 859.