Bra Recycling Scheme

Looking for a place to donate old bras?

We run a bra recycling scheme across all of our 26 shops across the UK (we don't currently run a bra recycling scheme in the US). This is a great way for us Bravissimo girls to supports Coppafeel’s amazing work!

What does the Bra Recycling Scheme involve?

All you need to do is bring your old or unwanted bras and swimwear in to one of our UK shops (it doesn’t matter what condition they’re in – honestly!) and put them in our bra recycling bins (or dump the old one you’ve been wearing while you treat yourself to a new one!). The bigger the bra the better! For every kg of bras we receive we donate to Coppafeel to support their wonderful work in highlighting the importance of checking your boobs to give everyone the best possible chance of surviving breast cancer.


How does bra recycling work?

After the bras and swimwear have been dropped off at the bra banks in our UK shops, they are handled our recycling provider SOEX. SOEX are a European company, based in Germany, who focus on finding innovative ways to recycle textiles and prolong the life of textile goods. Did you know – SOEX handle around 350 tonnes of textiles a day across Europe – wow!

Step 1

The unwanted bras and swimwear are sent from our shops to our warehouse where they are picked up for collection by SOEX’s team of UK drivers.

Step 2

They are then shipped in bulk to SOEX’s recycling facility in Germany where they are hand sorted by 700 people into bras that can be re-worn or recycled.

Step 3

The bras and swimwear that can be re-worn are given a new life – yay! They are sent to around 70 different countries so they can support the Bravissimo community around the world!

Step 4

Donated bras or swimwear that are destined to be recycled are processed through SOEX’S recycling facilities where all the different types of materials and components are separated. Some materials are recycled for padding for insulation, reworked to make car seats and even the dust from these processes can be made into recycled cardboard. Who knew recycling used bras could go so far?

SOEX Recycling

Watch the video below to find out more about SOEX and all the amazing, innovative work they are doing to target textile waste and recycling across Europe…

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