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It’s amazing what Bravissimo girls can do when we’re fully supported! Whether you’re climbing mountains, running marathons or stretching into downward dog, we love to see you looking and feeling amazing!

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"I am boosted by Bravissimo because…I can push myself to the fullest with nothing holding me back!Molly, Bravissimo girl


Molly is a professional snowboarder!

I started competing in Snowboarding when I was 9 years old, since then I’ve won the French championships and competed in many national and international competitions.

I’ve learnt that the most important thing about snowboarding is feeling comfortable and confident in your equipment – and that includes my bra! When I first came to Bravissimo, I found the first sports bras that I felt comfortable and confident in AND I look great! I’ve known I was a Bravissimo girl ever since.

My go to sports bra is the Shock Absorber D+ Max. When I’m wearing it, I forget that I’m even wearing a bra and I can concentrate on what I need to concentrate on!

"I am boosted by Bravissimo because…when I'm supported and look and feel good, there are no limits to what I can achieve!"Emily, Bravissimo girl

Emily is an Olympic weightlifter...

At university, I regularly competed in athletics specialising in the throws (Shot, Hammer and Discus). As part of my training, I started a new style of strength training - Olympic weightlifting – and from the minute I started, I fell in love! It turned out I was quite good at it too! My coach at the time encouraged me to give it a go competitively even though I’d only been training around 8 weeks and it turned out to be the best decision of my life as I won a national medal and never looked back.


I have now gone on to become a Commonwealth games, World Cup and European medalist!

I’ve lifted the biggest total by any British female ever. I will now be the 1st super heavy female to represent Great Britain at the Olympics in Tokyo.

When I’m training, I wear the Bravissimo Inspire sports bra. I have been converted to wired sports bras – I love them! It’s really refreshing to wear a sports bra that holds me in and is also so comfortable. My sport requires a lot of fast movement so to have my boobs secure is a dream!

"I am boosted by Bravissimo because…not only are my boobs uplifted, but so are my spirits!"Jo, Bravissimo girl

Jo is a Pilates teacher...

"As a Pilates teacher, I can spend all day in my sports bra, so it’s really important that I feel comfortable and really secure. As well as Pilates, I get a boost of endorphins by going running with my dog in the Surrey hills. Rain or shine, it’s just brilliant!

My go to sports bra is the Freya Epic - I call it my ‘harvest festival’ because it makes sure everything is gathered in! The underwires give me a great shape and the padded straps don’t dig in. I love that it has a racerback so when I do go running, I can do the racerback up and I feel that much more secure because my boobs won’t be jiggling about everywhere! I feel supported, secure and comfortable, and look good too!"




'Feeling Secure'at 10,500ft!

We loved hearing from Corrie, Kat and Kathryn who are part of an all-female skydiving team that are currently training to represent GB in the 2021 Skydiving World Cup. They really show that with a supportive sports bra, you can beat the bounce and go for it!





Claire's Story

“We look after our feet with the right fitting trainers, so we should look after our boobs with a great fitting sports bra.” Claire’s background in the fitness industry means she’s well aware of the benefits of getting a well-fitted sports bra – she brought her boot camp team in to see us and they left feeling supported in more ways than one.



Dee's Story

Having big boobs can sometimes give us real facepalm moments… We hope Dee's sports story perks up your day!

Natasha's Story

When Natasha started to dance as a teenager, she felt hindered by her ever-growing boobs. It wasn't until she got fitted in a proper sports bra that she felt able to embrace her shape and empowered to do what she wanted. Go go go, Natasha!

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