Different types of boobs: Celebrating different kinds of boobs in all their glory!


Boobs, boobs, boobs… It’s pretty normal here at Bravissimo HQ to talk all things boobs (yes we are a team of oversharers!) and celebrate everything that is GREAT about having big boobs! Different types of boobs come in all sorts of shapes, skin tones – the list goes on and on. There is no real ‘normal’ as to what boobs look like as each pair is just as wonderful and unique as the women that they belong to!

As a community of big-boobed women supporting one another, we want to celebrate as many different kinds of boobs as we can and help other big-boobed women to celebrate their own pair and be confident about their boobs! We asked our community what they called their boobs and we of course wanted to share with you all the amazing boob shapes and names that were shared – can you see yours below?!

1. Sisters not twins

It’s very common for lots of big-boobed women to have one boob bigger than the other – aka sisters not twins! We recommend that any styles with stretch lace in the cups, like the Bravissimo Mille bra, works great for this as the stretchy lace moulds to your unique shape and accommodates to your slightly bigger side.



2. The Golden globes

You might find that your boobs are full all over and rounded – both from the top and the bottom, which we would class as the ‘golden globes’. If you have a fuller boob shape you might notice that underwires may not sit completely flat in the middle of your boobs – which is completely normal! If this is you, maybe try a plunge shape as the wires sit slightly lower so work great for fuller boobs and under low cut tops too – bonus!

3. East-west

Another common breast shape is what we’d call ‘east-west’. This is when your nipples point away from the centre of your chest and one boob faces east and the other west (hence the name!). T-shirt bras work well with this type of boob shape as the style pulls you close in the centre and the moulded cups gives a super smooth shape too.



4. Pear-shaped diamonds

Fuller at the bottom of your boobs and have slightly less tissue at the top? Say hello to your ‘pear-shaped diamonds’. Half cup styles work really well with this boob shape as they give you a little ‘lift’ and they give a really rounded and upfront shape to compliment you!

5. The Madonna

You know the iconic bra we’re talking about! Lots of big-boobed women find that they have slightly cone-shaped, Madonna-esque boobs, which is very common with women who have a smaller frame. You can totally rock your natural look with lots of styles or opt for a moulded cup for a more rounded look if you’d prefer – you’ve got so many options with this type of boobs!


These are just some of the many, many, MANY different kinds of boobs out there in the world! All big-boobed women are unique and amazing in their own way, so it’s totally normal that all boobs look completely different from one pair to the next. As women, our boob shape can go through so many milestones from teenage puberty to pregnancy, breast-feeding and more (!) that of course no two boobs will ever look the same! That’s why we continue to offer such a wide choice of styles and shapes to try so that you can find the feel-good fit that works for you and works for lots of different types of boobs. Need a little more help finding your feel-good fit? Take a look at our Bra Fitting Guide, or book a virtual appointment with one of our expert Bra Fitters!


Share your story!

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