I’ve been a Bravissimo girl since 2004. Before then, I’d been into the same high street retailer every 6 months and was told I was a 36C. I remember one day I was walking around London and my bra was hurting and I was overflowing out of it… and I just thought I’m going to try Bravissimo! I marvelled at everything and was told I was a 34G (not a 36C!). I came out with curves I didn’t know about… and I’ve not looked back since.

Since then, Bravissimo has been there for me for my wedding day, for holidays, during my pregnancy to when I was nursing and even when I went back to work afterwards. I’ve just always been a Bravissimo girl…and I always will be!

To me, being a Bravissimo girl means freedom because I can do all the things I want to do! I can run, go on my bike, do yoga, go swimming, hike up a mountain in Italy and know that nothing is going to ‘pop out’ when it shouldn’t!