I first discovered Bravissimo I was about 14. I was suffering with a major case of boob denial squeezing into things that just weren’t designed for my shape! My mum was at a bit of a loose end then she heard about Bravissimo and marched me down to the store in Ealing. I was kicking and screaming the whole way - I just didn’t want to go because I had many bra fittings by this point and none of them went my way. It was a completely different experience to what I had experienced before. I felt like someone finally knew where I was coming from understood when you are a young teenager you want to blend in with everyone and have pretty bras that make you feel good - not something your grandma wears! I was over the moon because I had finally found something that made me feel so confident and happy about myself and I no longer felt like I was different or had an unusual shape.

Having a good-fitting bra is like having a good hairstyle - you need something that suits you and makes you feel good and confident and happy and proud.

I’ve done dancing and drama my whole life, I just love to be on the stage. Having big boobs became a real hinderance to me at a young age because I no longer looked like a child, but I didn’t look like an adult either. I was in a really weird stage where I couldn’t play any roles and I felt really unconfident. When I found bras that I could wear with leotards and costumes I felt I was in my happy place again. I still love being on stage and I know I wear bras that fit and support me in the way I need!

Being a Bravissimo girl for me is knowing there is a brand who completely supports me and completely has my best interests at heart. It’s also knowing that there is a community of women out there who are the same as me and knowing I can walk into to a shop and find bras that make me feel sexy, happy and proud.