Last summer my mum introduced me to Bravissimo. I needed a swimming costume for a school holiday. It’s amazing to find somewhere where I have a choice of things I can buy because everything is tailored to body types just like mine.

Feeling empowered in sports bras and swimwear…

I used to feel worried that I wasn’t supported enough when going to the gym and playing sports at school, but now I feel completely different – I feel secure and uplifted. When I went swimming, I’d worry that my costume would come undone but it’s not something that I have to think about at all anymore which is amazing!

What does it mean to you to be a Bravissimo girl?

Being a Bravissimo girl means feeling at completely at home in my body.

I feel confident and empowered by a team of amazing, strong women - it’s amazing to have a place where you can belong, and where everyone understands. I said to my mum as I first walked into Bravissimo: “I feel like I’ve found my people!”.