“It was life changing!”

Seema: My story started over 20 years ago when Bravissimo first opened a shop in Ealing. I remember walking past and seeing a poster and thinking “I’ve got to see what that’s about!” because I’d never been happy about how my bra fitted. When I had a fitting, I was surprised how different it was, I felt welcomed and treated as an individual - I felt that I mattered.

I was fitted by eye and I remember the fitter saying, “you’re going to love this!” and when I tried the bra on I was amazed! I hadn’t realised how poorly my bras had been fitting until I had this comparison. All my life I’d been told that I needed to go wider around the back because the cups didn’t fit. I didn’t think that there was an option that existed for me, so when I finally got the right size I was so amazed! My boobs were where they were supposed to be!

As well as all my bras, I’ve bought clothes, coats, sports bras, maternity and nursing bras… it’s been such a journey!

Feeling confident in great-fitting underwear…

Reena: Bra fittings used to be about what was practical, but as I’ve got older I’ve embraced who I am as a woman and wearing beautiful underwear gives me a sense of confidence.

Regardless of your background, as women it’s so important that we remember that wearing something beautiful and pretty makes you feel empowered.

... and swimwear too!

Reena: The first bikini I ever wore was one from Bravissimo. I walked onto the beach and I remember thinking I feel like a goddess!

Seema: Swimwear from Bravissimo is the only reason I’m on a beach or in a pool…nothing else would ‘allow’ me to go there!

Reena: Even the strapless sets have an in-built bra which makes such a difference as women with big boobs. It’s so nice to wear such a lovely set that’s supportive!

What does being a Bravissimo girl mean to you?

Seema: Being a Bravissimo girl means feeling confident and being part of that big-boobed family.

Reema: I agree! Being a Bravissimo girl means a sense of empowerment as a woman and embracing every single part of you regardless of your shape and size. I love the Bravissimo family!