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:dear bravissimo

I had been bullied for years about the size of my boobs (GG) since they tend to draw attention. Bravissimo is the only store that makes me feel good about my boobs.

Thank you for making such a difference to my life and here’s to many more years of making ladies feel good about their bodies!


:dear bravissimo

You've been providing my bras since you started; before then I used to hate shopping for the granny cardboard bras which are all that would fit, and I would never dream of showing them off! Now not only are you the sole providers of my bras, but also most of my tops and dresses too, and I always receive compliments.

Thank you for making me feel feminine over the last 21 years."


:dear bravissimo

I just wanted to say that before Bravissimo I wanted to have a breast reduction. I am 5 foot 2, petite and a 30G. I can honestly say discovering Bravissimo stopped me from choosing a pretty drastic alternative.

I am now very comfortable with the size of my boobs and very confident in whatever I wear! :)


:dear bravissimo

I do a boot camp every week, which involves loads of running around, high knees, and jumping in the mud! Before getting fitted at Bravissimo, I hadn’t found a sports bra that gave me enough support and I was actually wearing 4 bras layered on top of each other to exercise in! I felt really uncomfortable and had quite a lot of pain which put me off exercising. I got a sports bra fitting at Bravissimo (and went from an E to a GG!) and came home with a sports bra which I love for its “boob separation” effect. I’m so impressed with this bra – I’ve been doing high knees and sprinting and my boobs have stayed put! For the first time I don’t have to grab my boobs whilst working out!




:dear bravissimo

I went to Bravissimo for a sports bra fitting recently. I thought I was a 34D but I’m actually a fantastic F and smaller in the back – win! Nothing could have prepared me for the amazing feeling of a sports bra that fits. I live in my new sports bra – more so than my day bra, partly because of my work because I’m always in fitness gear but also because I just really love the shape and comfort and coolness of it!

The feeling of your boobs not moving during fitness is really quite incredible. Having tried built-in-bra tops and crop-top type support in the past, I was supported but this sports bra takes it to another level. I don’t even have to think about my boobs when I’m in classes because there is no jiggle!

We look after our feet with the right fitting trainers, our bodies with the right sized clothing and our eyes for the right glasses so it’s time we all looked after our boobs too.

Thank you Bravissimo for making fitness even more fun!


:dear bravissimo

I just want to write to say a huge thank you! You have literally changed my life (sounds dramatic but you have no idea!).

I have had issues with my body image since I can remember and I'm now 42, been married twice and have never seen a photo of myself that I think I look OK in (even in both of my wedding dresses!).
At the weekend, I was dragged reluctantly out to look for a dress for a wedding and christening I have soon. I'm not a huge girl, I'm a size 14 but when I look in the mirror, I see a size 24. People are always telling me 'don't be stupid, you're lovely' but I don't see it.

Then I was dragged into your Guildford store and made to try on a dress (I don't wear dresses ever as they make me look like a sack of spuds) and for honestly the first time in my life, I looked in the dressing room mirror and thought 'oh my god - I don't look fat and I love this dress'!

So much so that I left with four dresses (three bought by me and one by my gorgeous friend as she was so excited for me too!) and a top and I can't wait for next pay day so I can go back!

So thank you - you have transformed me! Today I wore my new blue striped figure hugging dress, held my head high and felt good about how I looked for the first time and it felt amazing.

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:dear bravissimo

I would like to say a big thank you to Bravissimo. I have been using your shops for most of the 21 years you have been available and at the time it was suddenly not a problem finding a 36J. Since that time I’ve gone up and down in size and my confidence has increased. At present I’m a 34GG and have gone from a size 22 to a 14/16.

My confidence is now at an all-time high. May we have many more years with you.


:dear bravissimo

I was over the moon when I found out about Bravissimo.

Not only was I glad to feel more comfortable in bras made for big-busted women, but I became so much more confident, especially in the way I felt. It felt like a huge weight off my shoulders! I could finally have the support I needed and was able to pick out beautiful colorful bras that seemed like a dream before I discovered Bravissimo. I can’t begin to explain the incredible change Bravissimo has made in my life. I never shop anywhere else for my bras!


:dear bravissimo

Several weeks ago I walked into your Guildford store after looking into your brand, and I must say I had high expectations. That usually inevitably ends with disappointment. However, nothing could be further from the truth in this case.

I was greeted by Lucy who listened so well as I disclosed how terribly embarrassed and frustrated I have been for years due to feeling like a 'freak' for having a large bust and not being able to find bras that fit properly in the usual high street stores, as well as many people's attitude toward my 'ample bosom'. The back ache, embarrassment and irritation had reached a climax before coming into your store and after receiving probably the best customer service I have ever had from Lucy, I walked out again about an hour later feeling a foot taller (physically and emotionally) with no back pain at all. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Not only does Lucy really know her stuff - that was obvious in the way she was able to get me the perfect size and fit of bra that was actually really pretty on the first go, as well as explaining all the ins and outs of how to make sure it’s the right fit etc. - but because of her reassuring, kind and very 'human' manner, I was able to really relax and feel at last like a 'normal' woman. To someone who has not felt embarrassed by her body for most of her adult life, feeling normal would probably not be something to celebrate, but for me it was the best gift. I am a 32 H or HH cup, and Lucy explained to me that there are women much larger than me who come into the store regularly. In fact, when I told her that I couldn't find any bras bigger than a G or GG cup during a recent visit to M&S she seemed genuinely alarmed, which made me feel so much better.

After having a good cry (several times), just because I felt so able to talk to Lucy about how I have felt about my bust size and the years that I've struggled to find attractive good fitting bras, and after Lucy returned to me with a box of tissues, some clothes from the store to try on over my new bra, I was good to go.

I am so grateful to Bravissimo and to Lucy for providing such an amazing buying experience. I have genuinely never had such a positive experience buying anything from any store ever before. I love what your store does, making larger breasted women feel that they have as much right to beautiful properly fitting bras and clothes as all other women. But, I am especially thankful that you have staff like Lucy who so obviously love their job and who actually really care and are so intelligent in the way they help their customers. I know this mail has been rather gushing, but every word of it is genuine and no I am not related to Lucy ;) just a fan of great customer service.

A massive thank you to Lucy and Bravissimo

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:dear bravissimo

Bravissimo was recommended to me by a friend (I didn't even know it existed!!) and so I popped in Tuesday morning with the intention of getting a new bra... I left with three (it would have been four or five if I knew my husband wasn't going to check our bank balance at some stage!).

The experience was fantastic, honestly didn't think shopping for bras could be fun! I had the absolutely fantastic Debbie greet me at the changing rooms and she could instantly tell the 30GG I was wearing wasn't the right fit and accurately advised it looked uncomfortable. She advised a 32G might be a better fit but we'd play it by bra and we discussed what I wanted. The level of care Debbie gave me was above and beyond what I have ever experienced in customer service before. She was so kind to me, such a great listener and really good fun! I had a great laugh trying on the bras, she had me so relaxed! The bras she suggested were stunning (the range of bras you have in store are absolutely beautiful!). I never ever knew big bras could be so delicate and sexy!

I'm only 28 and this trip to the Liverpool store was life changing - I had an instant boob job! I left soooooo happy, like honest to God so ridiculously happy! I texted my mum as soon as I left and told her I'm taking her in to have her boobs done now when she's next over to visit me – ha ha ha.
I can honestly say I will never visit anywhere else now to get my bra fittings. Debbie deserves some very special recognition; she is a credit to her profession!

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:dear bravissimo

I have been such a big supporter of Bravissimo for some years now. My aunt, who must be where I get my rather large chest from, raves about you!

I knew I was a Bravissimo girl when all my friends seemed to be getting smaller and smaller, whilst I kept growing. I found myself finally admitting I needed to get some proper underwear and found joy in good quality and fabulous Bravissimo products. Over the years I have struggled with the fact that I have bigger boobs, and that I have to think more carefully about what to wear because not everything can be thrown on me. I have to think about stripes and necklines and being too revealing. But I soon learnt that daring to be different was much more exciting than fitting in.

Good quality underwear was a big step in the embracing my difference. We all know how great we feel when we happen to be wearing matching underwear! Why can’t we have that every day? When I first wore a properly fitted Bravissimo bra. I felt that I could own my curves. I have a bigger chest and you know what, instead of sitting around complaining about back pain and telling people “my eyes are up here”, feeling awkward or embarrassed or spending hours trying to get an outfit together that doesn’t draw attention, I have actually become proud of them. My boobs are a part of who I am, they add character, they have a life of their own! I can run just as fast, I am just as intelligent and I can be sexy as hell.

Thank you Bravissimo for making me proud to be who I am!

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:dear bravissimo

25 years ago, I met an amazing woman, and have been by her side over the years as she struggled to find a bra that was comfortable for her. Unlike most stores that end their range with a DD or DDD, these folks start with D.

Last week, we were at the Belfast store, and it was life-changing. Terie (my wife) was met by Diane (who says on the Bravissimo website she's a KK cup), and for the first time ever, I heard school-girl like giggling coming from the dressing room. Since Diane has had the same struggles Terie's had, she was able to help her find four bras that fit like a dream...and (gasp) they were feminine and colorful! It didn't break the bank either.

We were on vacation – a two-week British Isles cruise. Only someone who is busty or lives with someone that is will understand when I say that Bravissimo was the highlight of our trip!


:dear bravissimo

Like many Bravissimo girls, I used to hate my boobs. Bra-shopping was always the worst day of the year; hours in shop after shop, the sunny salespeople who at the beginning were so confident they could fit me and by the end made me feel like a freak of nature because they didn't have a size that fit me, the tearful return home with expensive/ugly bras that didn't fit.

In 2009, I spotted a girl built like me sporting a bikini on the beach. It looked great! Honestly, it probably was more modest than the frumpy one-piece I was wearing because it actually fit. I gathered up the courage to ask her where she got it and promptly became your customer for life!

I'm now a 32GG. Every bra, bikini & built-in bra tank is from Bravissimo. They make me look 10 lbs lighter, do a ton for my self-esteem and most importantly, give me the support I need to have a healthy back. There are now more options in the States for big-busted women, but I've never found anything that equaled Bravissimo for customer service.


:dear bravissimo

I am just writing to share my Bravissimo story!

At age 14, I was horrified when I had my first Bravissimo fitting and discovered that what I thought were 32DDs were in actual fact 28Gs!

But of course, once I got over the numbers and letters that appeared on my bra labels, I started to feel so much more confident. No longer was I spilling out of ill-fitting bras and feeling uncomfortable during PE and Dance. No longer were the only bras I could find to actually fit me something my Grandmother would wear.

I don't think I truly realised what a blessing discovering your stores has been until now; 10 years later, as a woman of 24. I think I could have quite easily developed a complex over the size of my boobs but finding you guys completely prevented that from happening and has ensured that, to this day, I have learnt to get on with my bigger boobs and not let them stop me from doing activities I want and wearing what I want.

Thank you Bravissimo! My heroes!

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:dear bravissimo

This is a very odd email to write but bear with me. In March 2015 I had my first visit to Bravissimo (Oxford Circus store) and was fitted by the wonderful Kerrie.
Even though it's more than a year later, I'm still really thankful to Kerrie for her expert advice and patience. She took me from a lifelong 36DD with back and shoulder pain to a much happier 30G/30GG.

That visit completely changed how I feel about my boobs and my clothes! After years of bullying and teasing about my boobs, I feel confident enough to tell people to stick it and remind them that people pay for boobs this good. It's also made the world of difference to my back, shoulders and my posture!
Needless to say I've been back to buy more bras (and bikinis and dresses) and have thrown out everything that’s the wrong size!

Anyway, it's been over a year, so I'm not sure if Kerrie still works for you. If she does, give that wonderful woman a raise, we spent over an hour together getting the right size and she was nothing but a superstar throughout!

Bravissimo, keep making those the great bras, bikinis and clothes - they make this big-boob girl feel like less of a freak.


:dear bravissimo

In high school I was told that what was in the store was all that there was, and that the center section floating away from my body was normal for my size. Never mind that the back strap was high between my shoulder blades - I didn't even think to question that. I presumed the fitter knew her business and she had me in a 34G.

By the time I was in university my back hurt so much and I felt terrible about the way I looked, so I started researching via the internet about breast reduction surgery. In the process, I found an online forum of women who all had big boobs and small rib cages just like me… and they knew about all of these great places to buy bras that fit. I wasn't the only one! There were bras tailored to me, and I didn't have to tailor myself for the bra!

The queen of these online bra shops was clearly Bravissimo. So, though it was a lot of money for a broke college student to order a fancy bra with overseas shipping costs, it was worth it. For the first time I felt pretty instead of like a freak. Even my clothes looked better on me. I was now in a 30HH.
That was over ten years ago now, and I've been a loyal and happy customer ever since, even through pregnancies (whoa, 30K!) and after (currently 32HH). The bras are divine and the customer service is excellent! No other shop can compete. I suspect I will be a Bravissimo girl until my dying day.



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